Entry Level Network Marketing Tips

Lesson 1: Technique 1

There are techniques and methods in network marketing that you need to know if you want to make money online. They’re also pretty useful if you don’t want to get burned or spend money you can’t afford to lose.
Like all areas of business, those who are ‘in the know’ use tricks of the trade that become second nature. You may think you know what these trade secrets are, and maybe you do – in theory – but putting them into practice is a different matter. It’s like the difference between learning to speak French at school and living in Paris for five years.

More importantly, it is THE difference between people who make money online and people who don’t. Those that earn their living from the Net automatically – unconsciously – without thinking, incorporate these trade secrets – these ‘master keys’ into everything they do. Often without realizing that they are the secret to online success.

As a pretty successful marketer, I didn’t realize many of these secrets myself until I stumbled across them. Yes – I know all the sales pages you read claim to ‘stumble across’ secrets, but I really genuinely did. Discover how to get started in network marketing without getting killed by discouragement. 

I’m not sure which side of the fence I sit on in the ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’ argument. It’s certainly true in Network marketing. Most products contain information that has been rehashed – a new slant has been put on it and it’s been given a catchy title (it’s all about catchy titles these days) but although it may be better written and the links to relevant sites are new – the info probably isn’t. Nothing wrong with this.

As a customer you simply need to realize that you’re not likely to find any new information in a big launch. Sure – you may find info that YOU haven’t come across before but it’s highly unlikely to be new to everyone that reads it. This is true of most things in life – the difference is that in Network marketing many things are touted as an ‘amazing breakthrough’ or ‘secrets revealed’.

The Beginning

The information contained could still be very valuable of course, but not new. And so top marketers have realized that if they want to sell a product they should put a ‘new’ slant on it. It works something like this. The author comes up with a product. Sells product. The product gets old. The product is forgotten about by even those who first bought it.

Then someone gets a hold of it. Could even be the original author. Knows it's an older product, but decides to "revamp" it. Thus, an old forgotten product that is still useful gets re-announced and made re-valuable, as a new product.

In other words, you take a product and give it a make-over. Give it a new cover (electronic cover), make a few changes to the interior of the e-book file, and viola! A new, yet old, product emerges that markets well, and can make you tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s been rehashed. It’s like a divorced man – it’s been to the gym, got in trim, had a new haircut, got that broken tooth fixed and now it’s ready to be offered again.It’s the same old thing of course, but the packaging, marketing and downright ‘fizz’ is much more appealing. Of course, this Book works, especially with Private Label Products. In fact, it works BETTER.


Well, for starters, you can re-word the entire product if you want to. Make sure you give it a catchy new title.
- Add YOUR name as the author, and slip in all your affiliate links to make the product a “multiple revenue stream" product.

Okay, so what's a "multiple revenue streams" money producer? It’s any product that can generate more than ONE source of revenue. One source of revenue product is one that brings revenue solely by selling the product. A multiple streams of revenue product is one which contains (for instance) affiliate links, or links to OTHER products you are selling, so that as well as selling the product itself, you get residual revenue from the links in the course.

It’s an easy process.

First, be sure that you can legally make changes to the product you’ve chosen to market (obviously if you wrote it yourself you can do whatever you want with it).

If you’ve bought resell or master resell rights which come in pdf format this is NOT a problem. Just add your own bonus and zip it up with the pdf. I do this all the time and it’s one of the reasons I look at people as though they’ve gone mad when they say resell rights are dead.

I LOVE to resell rights. You can usually (check the license) add anything you like to the package and pass it along with the resell rights product you bought rights too. Most people who resell it are too lazy to change the package in any way – often not even looking at it – so they happily pass along your affiliate links, freebies, site adverts without realizing it.

Private Label Rights (PLR) are usually best for this though because you can add your own money making links in the actual text of the document. Unfortunately the current trend is that some people put weird and wonderful restrictions on their PLR products. Make sure you read the licenses that come with the product and if in doubt, go for unrestricted PLR, which means you can do most anything with it.

So (where was I?) – first – make sure you’re allowed to change it. If it’s a ‘rebrandable’ product (this means there are certain things you’re allowed to change in the product) put in your affiliate or other product sales page link(s) as directed by the original author/creator of the product. Usually, you can insert a link of your choice in the pdf that comes with a rebranding tool.

Whichever way you do it, just make sure that the product you’re creating (or rehashing or rewriting or whatever) becomes a multiple revenue stream product by adding your own links. Otherwise, once you’ve sold it, that’s the end of your revenue from it, and the trick is to earn an ongoing revenue from every single thing you sell.

When you’re creating a new product from an old one the key thing is that you update it as much as possible, make it your own, and giving it a snappy title. That way it’s more likely to get resold and passed on, which of course is what you want.

I always think that Network marketing trends go round in ten-year cycles. Look for old products – chances are you can pick up the PLR for pennies. If you don’t fancy rewriting them yourself use a ghostwriter or freelancer to do it for you.

Most big sellers have a stash of older products to draw from. Think about it – you’d have had to be involved in IM for 10 years to remember the original launch. I WAS and my memory’s not that good. I’ve successfully resold products from five years ago, after a serious rewriting, and nobody’s noticed!

Remember - Old to New products.

Put your stamp on it. Re-title it – redo the graphics – put your links in. Sell it.

Take this to heart and you’ll never be short of products again.

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