Finding FREE eBooks For Your Kindle

Lesson 1: My Favorite Way of Finding Free eBooks on Amazon

Let's start with my favorite method of finding new books as soon as they are free. With the advent of Amazon’s KDP Select program, many small publishers are making their new books available for free to help promote. The trick is to catch them when they are free. Below I am going to show you an easy way to find several hundred free kindle books every day.

You want to click on Discussions. This will take you to the Kindle Forum. Look down the list until you see something saying “Free Books and Chat…” This is what you want. There is also a lot of great info in this forum if you want to browse.

I enjoy browsing through everything to see what’s new. Usually, there will be 1 main Kinlin link with anywhere from 200-400 books on a daily basis. You will sometimes find additional links to a few books that were added later.
UK users – If you look for a thread that looks like this below instead of one above, you will frequently find links to a UK version also. For some reason, UK links aren’t usually included in the with chat thread.

I usually prefer the Kinlin setup, but you might also check out Ereaderiq. You will see a lot of overlap in the books listed, but Ereaderiq has a bigger selection. Ereaderiq does give you the ability to sort by category and has more information on their page. Mousing over the book cover will bring up a book description. Ereaderiq also claims to be updated hourly! Ereaderiq is definitely checking out too, and you may find more appealing than Kinlin. The more I explore this site the more I like the way its laid out. Below is a screenshot of a few listings on Ereaderiq.

Note:  I use Firefox so keyboard instructions I give will be specific to Firefox, but other browsers should be similar.

If the page you come to is all text with no cover picture, look up in the top right corner for a button that says Covers. Hitting this will toggle back and forth between covers and descriptions. I personally like seeing the covers. Feels more like browsing through a bookstore – something I love to do!

There is a short tutorial there if you need it. Navigating is very easy though. I usually just scroll through until I see something that looks interesting. When you click on a book cover it will switch to a description of that book. Clicking on the book title will take you to Amazon to get that book.

Note: I prefer to right-click on the link and select “Open in New Tab”. This keeps my place in KinLib while I go to Amazon to get the book.

Every once in a while a book slips in that are only free to Amazon Prime members. If you want the book just hit the Buy Now with 1-Click button and it's yours! Now you can go back to the KinLib list and look for more great books.

Some things to keep in mind:

 Most of these books are brand new so they may not have any reviews yet. I wouldn’t let that bother you. I go usually steer clear of the ones that have a 1 or 2-star rating. If you go down and read the reviews they are usually total crap; poorly written or formatted or even cut and pasted from elsewhere!

 Most of these books will only be free for the day you are looking at them. Don’t bookmark them and come back another day because they most likely won’t be free.

 If you do come across a book you really enjoyed, please go back and give the book a positive review or a thumbs up. These are what make books successful for the authors. This is also the main reason these books are offered for free. So show your appreciation for a good read.

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