The Definitive Encyclopedia Of Marketable Words

Lesson 1: Marketable Words – The Core Files

The core files of Marketable Words are a compilation of the greatest marketing sentences used by top tier copywriters and marketers to literally hypnotize their audiences into doing their bidding.

With this huge vault, you will be given everything you need to create compelling sales letters, offers, and content for your followers. Without further ado, here it is:

Xxxxxx (wherever used) = Company/Product/website name

1. You WILL Generate A Consistent Stream of Hungry, Targeted, and Responsive Double Opt-in Leads, On Auto-Pilot ... Even if you're Stripped Naked, Dipped in Honey, Covered In Feathers, Stuffed In A Box & Dropped Into A Corn Field in The Middle of Iowa!

2. STOP! EVERYTHING ELSE YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW!" I urge you to lock the door... take the phone off the hook...shut down your email and instant messenger...grab your favorite beverage and study every single word of this message - because it's just that important!" These Are Real Life Examples & will change your life forever in a "Multi MILLIONAIRE"

3. THE TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION… A Completely Different Approach To Building a Business Took Me From Broke To $2,500 A Day, Working Only Part-Time – And I'm Convinced Anybody Can Copy What I'm Doing No Matter What Business You're Trying to Build, Once You Let Me Teach You For FREE!!

4. "You DO NOT NEED” One Single Ounce of Experience To Do What I Am Doing ... Not An Ounce ... Because I Am Giving You MY PERSONAL Success Blueprint.

5. Dump Your Job And Work From Home On Your Schedule to Make Over $ 1, 73,506 Monthly On AutoPilot!!!

6. Be Your Own Boss … Aren't you sick of that boss who is always hovering over you, watching your every move? Wouldn't it be nice if you could call the shots and make money doing it?

7. Raj, An Office Executive fulfilled his dream of owing a home at the age of 26... Deepesh, an arts graduate is earning in 5 digits without a need to migrate from his home in a Small Indian Town... Saritha, a housewife is taking care of her baby and at the same time helping her husband with some extra Income... Do they have anything common? NOTHING, Except that they did Simple things in a Different way. They used the Internet, The Anywhere Available, Anytime Accessible Online Platform. Today there are millions of success stories like these.

8. If you really want to make your life better, want to care about your family, then Read On To See How You Can Make Everyone Begging You To Share Your Little Secret! Or otherwise, leave this page, don't waste your time here & go to any Gurus who make false promises that you will be rich overnight Or do your traditional business or job.

9. The Real Money Making Ideas That Only 3% of The Wealthiest Internet Money Maker Knows! …

10. The Amazing Money Making Secrets of A 28 Year Old Internet Millionaire Who Breaks His 6 Years Silence On How He's Made Millions on The Internet.

11. How To Become Rich... When you study all the successful people in the world today, you will find that most self-made millionaires own their own business. Working for someone will leave you just over broke.

12. This is the website your boss doesn't want you to read... Do Nothing - Make Money!

13. Hello Fellow Marketers: Today I am going to show you a site that will knock your socks off and make you ask yourself..... Why haven't I joined this already?

14. The Symptoms... If you have any of these symptoms, see a High-Income Specialist right away. -You've been in your company for two or more years and still have NO MONEY left at the end of the month.

-Your check resembles that of a 40-50 hour work week on your last job. -Your business is costing you money every month. -People seem to be leaving your team faster than they are joining it. -You spend a lot of time in hotel lobbies and restaurants waiting for prospects who don't show up. -Your family and friends hate to see you coming because they think you’re going to try and involve them. -You get frustrated at the company because you never are one of the elites being recognized for your accomplishment -You've spent a fortune on advertising and don't have any sales, clients or distributors to show for it! -Your spouse is beginning to resent your 'money making venture' because it is costing you more than you make. -Your accountant is telling you that you should probably cash in your chips and just look forward to retirement from your real job.

15. "THE SECRET TO SUCCESS" - We cause our own failure when we fail to become a part of a supportive team.

16. Where else are you going to find a money-making machine that actually Does All the Work for You? And not only that. Teaches You All the Tricks of the trade while you Make Money Fast?

17. Part-time or Full-time work. Learn how to parlay as few as five hours a week into a full-time income without interfering with your current job, profession or career. This NEW Free Home Business system shows you how.

18. "Truth about matrices" "What you need is not just a Forced Matrix, but also a Forced Team Support and a Forced Refer System"

19. FREE: xxxxxx Marketing System -Learn To Spin Your Own World Wide Web & Generate Endless Leads & Cash Flow Today.

20. We are looking for experienced Leaders to join the 1000's of people from all over World who have joined the xxxxxx opportunity already. This is just the beginning!!

21. Forget everything that your Uplines have told you. Soon they will be coming to YOU to figure out what you have done to explode YOUR business...Because I am about to hand you Absolutely FREE of charge, the exact system I used to... "Generated 3,568 Fresh Live Leads And 156 New Recruits and $73,568 in My First 3 Months"

22. Now being introduced in your neighborhood...a revolutionary business opportunity straight from Europe amazing new OPPORTUNITY.

23. So what do you look for in a home business? The three most important things that a home business opportunity should provide are:-  Solid product  Benefiting compensation  Incredible training and support

24. If I Don't Show You a Proven Path To Make Over $1 Million a Year ... You Owe Me Nothing! MY IRON CLAD GUARANTEE.

25. DO YOU, DO YOU, DO YOU, Deserve Something Better In Your Life?

26. Follow My Proven Steps, And I Don't See How You Can't Make Money Copying My Proven System!

27. Wanna be a Millionaire? If your answer is Yes! Then this money making idea is for you otherwise leave this page right now & go to your traditional job or business. Where you have to obey your boss's order & have to work for someone else making him rich for only few hundred dollars or do your current traditional business where you have to work for 9 am to 8 pm and wait for the customers whole day, look after about warranties, replacements, worker's thefts, price falls & many more problems.

28. Now Your All Dreams Will Going To Become Reality, with This Easy To Follow System To Make Money On Internet Instantly.

29. Building an Internet Business in a Recession There are a lot of worried people out there. You might even be one of them. People are losing their jobs, seeing their wages cut, watching their revenue charts change from a steep hill to vertical cliff.

30. Identify your passions, and harness your inner genius to turn these passions into wealth amassing profit centers.

31. Discover the secret wealth cash flowing formula that only top Internet millionaires have known... Until now...
Sit at home and do nothing towards creating the wealth building business engine of your lifetime! Earning nothing while you procrastinate.

32. This 100% xxxxxx System is Revolutionizing the Home Based Business Industry... Discover How This Incredible System Can Help Your Business.

33. "Even While You're Sitting Back And Relaxing At Home! NO Experience Necessary! 3 Easy Steps To Success!"

34. Millions of people all over the world are making money online with just a computer and a few hours a week, YOU CAN TOO!

35. Are You Serious About Earning a Huge Online Income? Have You Had Enough Of The 9-5? Is the Financial Crisis Worrying You? Then You Are In The Right Place For Easy, MASSIVE Profits!

36. For the price of a cheap takeaway you can get in a team that will take you all the way to financial success!

37. An incredible inexpensive, fast and easy way to make a huge amount of extra cash and receive massive exposure all while you SLEEP!

38. Making Money From Home Just Got Easier! Presenting...

39. Congratulations! You Just Embarked On A Mission That Simply Cannot Fail. How Can We Be So Sure?

40. If you want to build your list so HUGE that you will never have to pay for advertising again, just give me 2 minutes of your time...

41. "FOR URGENT RELEASE: A Sure-Fire Method to Build A Mammoth List In Record Time AND Have People Falling All Over Each Other, Eager To Pay YOU To Add Them To YOUR List!"

42. Tight on budget? Not enough leads for your business? Here at, we not only have double opt-in leads, all of our leads, both old leads and new, are verified DAILY over and over again to ensure they are active and serious about reviewing and even joining the opportunities that was sent their way!

43. "Who Else Wants To Learn 'Secrets’ That Most People Will Never Know About How To Create a Stable Income Online?" If your answer is "Yes", I'll give you a FREE 14-Day "Test Drive" of our system to PROVE this is the Quickest & Easiest way for you to begin making money online...

44. The Most Powerful Cash Leveraging System On The Planet Today! FINALLY! A SYSTEM FOR GENERATING CASH THAT REALLY WORKS!

45. "Online Marketer Secret Revealed!!” "To succeed online, you have to first identify which of the 4 types of online marketer you are" Active Promoters or Active Opportunity Seeker or ‘Unlucky’ Online Marketer or The Rest

46. Financial Freedom through One-of-a-kind! We are a group of like-minded home-business entrepreneurs who have teamed up to create a truly unstoppable income producing machine.

47. "To Hard-Working Men And Women Who Want To Quit Work Someday... "This system makes me $110,324 per month and you can start using it 15 minutes from now"... (Guaranteed to work even if you're "un-motivated"... In fact, it's best if you only put in an hour or so per day!)

48. Thanks for stopping by…you’ll be glad you did. Let’s face it, everyone in business wants high quality leads. What they don’t want is the high price normally associated with them. xxxxxx has developed methods to get you the quality leads you need at the price you want.

49. Part-time or Full-time work. Learn how to parlay as few as five hours a week into a full-time income without interfering with your current job, profession or career. This NEW Free Home Business system shows you how.

50. You are about to join a system so easy, so automated, and so fool-proof that, in just 3 minutes you will start building a responsive list of double opt-in leads, automatically, even if you're the last to join the system ... and sit on your honey-coated hiney doing absolutely nothing!

51. For as low as $10 you can be in business in the next 10 minutes and advertising your own website for life. You get a powerful sales site exactly like this one.

52. This instantly puts your ads in front of the millions hungry for your product or business opportunity seekers, with an automated marketing system, that multiplies your ability to generate substantial profit quickly!

53. Join xxxxxx And Get Free Internet Marketing Products Worth At Least $247 Now While They're Still Available:  "$100 A Day Income System!"  "The Magical Formula!"

54. Make money from your own home. Experience freedom. Work when you want. Where you want.

55. Make money globally, 24 hours a day -both "front-end cash" AND ongoing, "back-end" Renewal Income ("do it once, get paid forever" residual-style income). You can pass on your business to future generations.

56. "Copy My Secret Income Blueprint That Brings Me From A Zero Income Newbie To A 5-Figure Income Affiliate Within 12 Months!"

57. Real Money Making Online On The Internet Ideas -"And How, Exactly, Will All This Benefit Me?"

58. There are dozens of ways to make money online from the comforts of your home. We provide you with the information needed to gain access to the top money-making offers on the web.

59. "Discover EXACTLY what is the best way to CREATE PHENOMENAL WEALTH online. ... and how you can start earning profits in the next five minutes!"

60. "Why my strategies are a genuine way to start accumulating the kind of wealth I'm talking about... and why I've decided to share them with YOU!"

61. Without ANY Business Knowledge, Computer Skills or Investing Much Money Up Front Even You Can Earn Thousands or Millions a Year in Online Residual Cash flows.

62. Attention : Only Serious Networkers Should Read Below Top Rated Americas Biggest Technology MLM Launching In Mumbai - Pune & Rest of INDIA

63. Generate HUGE monthly commission checks of up to $375$4,500+-- just by sending visitors to our website!

64. Double a penny each day for a month and what will you get? Over ten million dollars! Allow the power and reach of the Internet help you to realize the tremendous growth of your existing website.

65. Discover The Most Powerful Networking System Ever Created In The History Of Internet Marketing.

66. "This will show you how you can literally have an ENDLESS new stream of Distributors knocking down your door, credit card in hand, ready to join...Absolutely Free."

67. Receive an unlimited amount of $3.00 payments directly to your Alert pay account. The company never touches your money! All payments go directly to you! PLUS your ad will be seen thousands of times all over the internet!

68. "Is your program listed below?" If you're reading this, that means you're also an opportunity seeker. And you probably are involved in more than one online money program.

69. "This unique system has reduced the traditional 95% inactive rate down to 90% in as little as 1 month!” "The Forced Team Support and Forced Referring System is the ONLY WAY to achieve 100% active rate!"

70. "Step By Step Guide to promotion in 14 days!!" "For those with limited time to promote, and no budget for paid promotion tools"

71. "Last Chance to get all 9 reports for FREE!!" Come claim your very own copy of the 9 Reports written by internet marketing newbies!

72. Are you sick and tired of searching for a legitimate Home Based Internet Business? Fed up with all the empty promises and flat-out lies? Boy do I have a treat for you! I am about to hand you, Absolutely FREE of charge, the xxxxxx "Exact Viral Marketing System I Use to Generate 12 100% Passive Income Streams all While Spending Less Than 5 Minutes Per Day Running the System..."

73. Easy Work at Home Money Making Program is Just waiting for you, to turn your life into a multi-millionaire. Grab This Opportunity Now for Your Safe Future and Dreams.

74. The revolution of earning money online. Earn money online in 15 minutes GUARANTEED!!

75. Job for:

 Anyone who needs extra money but has little time to spend.  Students who need extra income.  Anyone who needs to stay home but needs stable income.  Stay at home moms or dads.  People who are retired.

76. Discover the Most Profitable and Easiest Ways to Make Money On The Internet As Soon As Possible.

77. The key to starting a successful online business is… Finding a successful and easy to follow business model and duplicating it over and over again.

78. If You Could Stamp Out Profitable Online Businesses When Ever You Wanted and These Businesses Were Pretty Much Guaranteed To Make You Money…How many Businesses Would You Stamp Out!?

79. "YOU CAN have everything in your hands in less than 48 hours! I'll show you how in a second!" "Real Legitimate Work At Home Based Business Information To Make Money From Home Online On Internet"

80. "'In Less Than 6 Months I Purchased a $1.4 Million Dollar Home, An Incredible Dream Car Of My Dreams!!”

81. Multilevel Marketing is Known by Many Names, But What is It and Why Should I Care?

82. "Start Earning an Income Online Even If You Have Completely No Idea Of How To Start!”

83. We Came Up With A Bullet Proof System to Help People Succeed. Earn While You Learn.

84. "Imagine Having Your Own Online Money Factory ... Turning Traffic Into Cold, Hard Cash!"

85. How to make money online -Ideas for those looking to join the Internet millionaire's club.

86. "If you had just one opportunity to seize everything you've ever wanted... would you know what to do?" Guess what? You better because one shot may be all you get!

87. Network Marketing Income - How to Multiply Your Network Marketing Income by 100 Times

88. "... My Detailed Cash-Churning System and ALL of The Information Products I Have Personally Turned Into $19 Millions DOLLARS PLUS CASH Within 8 Months. "

89. The Fastest, Easiest, Simplest Way For YOU to Start Making & Start Banking Huge Amounts of Cash.

90. "When you Get This system proven ways to make money on internet, you are making a choice to change your life by investing in your future. You will be amazed at the amount of work that went into this system and how much knowledge you'll walk away with. You will feel like an expert in no time."

91. Outrageously Simple With My Proven Blueprint You Cannot Fail To Make Huge Amounts Online!

92. BE A MILLIONAIRE: All you need to begin is a computer with Internet access. This opportunity is open to anyone and it works from any country in the world.

93. "I Was A Washed Up Restaurant Worker Desperately Searching For A Way To Save My Family When I Discovered The Internet And Affiliate Marketing... 24 Months Later I Finally Cracked The Code And Started Earning Over $10,000.00 Per Month... Now The Same System That Saved Me Is Available To You!"

94. “Kill All Your Birds With One Stone... Instant Income, Track, Cloak And List Build 100% on Autopilot With Your Very Own Supercharged xxxxxx... FREE!”

95. Even the world’s biggest commission is worthless if your visitors don’t BUY the products you’re promoting!

96. In the real world, you have to go to school to learn new skills, and to find a job and work very hard in order to make some money. Did you ever think things would work differently online?

97. “Have you ever been in a situation, where you have referred a large number of people into a certain program, but your referrals are not doing anything ? I'm sure most of you have. And that is exactly the reason why you can never achieve the millions of dollars listed in the last level of the matrix. "

98. Are you still promoting programs after programs in the hope of succeeding in some of them?

99. Nobody is born a skilled marketer. All you need is the right tool, and the right guidance.

100. Disappointed in many of the programs that you have joined online? Have no luck at all trying to refer?

101. 2x7, 3x9, or even 5x7. There are so many different types of matrices out there. Do you know the secret behind those matrices?

102. The key to succeed online is not about what kind of matrix you're in. It's always about whether or not you can make your entire team of referrals to do their part of the job.

103. You're in a program where you only need to refer 2. Then at the 9th level, you'll earn $200,000+ per month.

104. Would you like to make money in our FREE club? This is NO HYPE. You really can! Why is our club so unique and sought after?

105. 9 Reports written by internet marketing newbies. If they can become successful online, I'm sure you can too! There's no catch. And you don't even have to be an internet guru to understand these reports.

106. Why most people fail with most MLM: High cost of auto-ship + hard to duplicate system = drop out of members from you down line.

107. This site is a MUST for anybody who wants to join a real team that will help you all the way. These members want success for all, that's why the system works.

108. $Don’t overlook this time limited offer$$ $$You must only sign in and you will participate on $210,000 jackpot$$ Deadline is 15. Jun 2008 - don’t be too late

109. Are you tired of promoting programs that only benefit the person who sponsored you? I was! And then I found this system...

110. Build your team and make money at the same time. When your team is built.....dominate in the Matrix and MLM areas for goodness sakes, Put the horse first......

111. There is a very simple way to use the power of leverage and for you to easily Reach Financial Wealth And Retire Young. Are you ready?

112. This is the right place with the right tools to bring you success online. Step by step guide to build your downline. You are never left wondering what to do next.

113. To make money in our FREE club? This is NO HYPE. You really can! Why is our club so unique and sought after? Find Out From Us.

114. Are you an active promoter? Are you having troubles getting your own referrals to be just like you? If so, look no further... And don't give up yet!! Nobody is born a skilled marketer. All you need is the right tools, and the right guidance.

115. Skilled marketer is not born, but with the right tool and the right guidance, you will be one! Just follow this step-by-step marketing teaching and repeat those steps over and over, everyday. Your mind turn around and open up a new door: a skilled marketer IS born! Join this pocket blaster program, every penny worth.....

116. Brand New, Cutting Edge Marketing & Lead & Down Line Building Technology! --> Automated Income!

117. How much do you need to retire? It's worth a talk.

118. Internet Marketing Tactics For This Tough Time.

119. "You Got Paid!”

120. "Want the Best? ....JOIN the BEST!"

121. "You can retire in 30 days!!”

122. How You Can Become Wealthy Without Anyone Knowing


124. Make Friends To Make Money
125. FREE: Secrets Of Internet Millionaires.
126. What Would You Do With Some Extra Cash You Made Online?
127. Imagine All the Family Time You can have Now!
128. Marketing without money - Make money with no investment.
129. Profit instantly and easily -- we’ve done the hard work for you!

130. "Builds Your List For You"
131. "Making Profit Online Is Easy If You Know The Right Way"
132. "A Home Based Business Startup BluePrints, Which Will Fulfills Your All Dreams"
133. "If You Follow The Simple Steps You'll Make An Incredible Income..."
134. "You only need 2, and you'll be able to earn thousands of dollars??”
135. I've got a team of over 200+ down lines and am making thousands every month!

136. Have you figure out the problem with all of the online opportunities yet?
137. "How to obtain your own 5x6 Matrix filled with only active members!!"
138. Make Money Online: It Really Is Easy When an Expert Guides YOU!
139. Are you having troubles getting your own referrals to be just like you?
140. "You literally have NOTHING to lose when you try these strategies!"
141. So you want to ditch your corporate cubicle and join the ranks of web workers?

142. Even people that have no experience with online marketing will succeed!
143. How would you like to post to 2,098,581 Active Net workers in our community?
144. The Reasons Why I Am Successful With Making Money Online and You’re Not.
145. "Lost money on the internet? Find out below what YOU can do about it!”
146. Even if you're a newbie, this WORKS!

149. Marketing Secret # 1
150. Number 1 Program in 2005
151. New to online marketing?
152. Truth About Matrices, a MUST SEE!!
153. Do you know why downline clubs won't work?
154. TRUTH about online marketing REVEALED!!

156. If you're in a matrix, you got to see this!!
157. The internet millionaire secrets
158. I'm making $5000/mo from my team. I can share them with you.
159. I bet you put the cart before the horse
160. You Can't Make It A Success Without A Good Team Working With You!!!!

162. One of a Kind Business Opportunity
164. Are you an active promoter?
165. I am Seeking 5 (Five) Real Team workers for My Program! Do you Qualify?
166. Power of Leverage To Reach Financial Wealth And Retire Young
167. Last Chance to get all 9 reports for FREE!!
168. Want low cost, but huge potential payout?
169. Increase the activity ratio in your down line for FREE!!
170. Ultimate Guide to have your down lines refers for you! 171. Why NO ONE sees YOUR MLM Ad!
- 26
172. “Financially Free in Just 28 Days?”
173. Traditional Marketing Methods Don't Work For Everyone
174. Network Marketing - The Recession Proof Industry
175. Recruiting Friends and Family Into Network? Think Twice!
176. MLM Tip - Tips For Building Your MLM Business in 1 Hour Per Day
177. Network Marketing Tips - Tips For New Distributors to Avoid Burnout
178. Be an MLM Success Story - Set Realistic Goals and Take Consistent Action
179. Network Marketing Money Tip - How to Stop Your Competition Cold
180. MLM Home Business - Do You Need a College Degree?
181. Truth on MLM - This Mistake Almost Guarantees Your Failure
182. Money-Making MLM Business - How to Wow the Perfect Prospect
183. You Are Losing Sales Every Minute You Don't Have This Product.
- 27
184. How To Stay Ahead Of The Internet Network Marketing Competition
185. Beware Selling The Dream In Your Internet Network Marketing Business
186. How Far Are You From Striking Gold In Your Internet Network Marketing Business?
187. How To Kiss Network Marketing Rejection Goodbye Forever!
188. Is Your Marketing System Helping Your MLM Business Or Killing It?
189. The Number One Killer For Home Business Entrepreneurs!
190. Putting The Attraction Back Into Network Marketing
191. They “Laughed” when I told them I was going into MLM
192. Old Network Marketing Methods Are Dead?
193. The Ugly Truth About Your Network Marketing
194. The Lazy Man’s Way to success

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