Leave Behind Something Of Significance

Lesson 1: Introduction

Leaving a legacy isn't automatic; it is something that is carefully constructed.

You have to treasure the correct goals and ideals.

This content tells you how you ought to go about it.

Imparting a legacy is something most individuals do not consciously think about, and those that do, are thinking about a bigger picture, something that‟s greater than life itself. However, how do you leave a legacy for other people to follow and peruse?

What You Should Know

Does the thought about leaving behind a legacy make you feel really low? Oh no, this isn't for me, I am not President Lincoln or Einstein or Mother Teresa!

Think once more. For a change, don‟t think of such awesome internationally acclaimed icons of accomplishment. Think of somebody around you - your acquaintance or relation or co-worker at the office or your priest, simply anybody who is or was a part of your day-to-day life.

What do you instantaneously remember about him or her? Did he do something great for you or other people? Did she produce something special that did good things for other people? Did they battle some little injustice in the system and alter the rules for better?

So you recall that stern old James, your managing director at the factory was also a thoughtful and fair boss who was loved and respected by all your fellow workers.

It strikes you that it was your uncle John who led the fight to save the old movie house on your street from the wrecking ball and got it recorded as a heritage property. And your mother‟s unbelievable apple pies are spoken of by each family for 4 blocks down the road, all because she liberally shared her recipe and egged on the young homemakers until they perfected the artistic creation of the apple pie!

There you are…that's a legacy! When people imprint their deeds in the hearts and minds of individuals around them, they leave behind a legacy. Now consider…what do individuals remember when they think of you right now? Great stuff? Foul stuff? Sorry stuff? Oh, you never gave it a thought, did you? Perhaps people around you don‟t remember you the least bit.

Uh oh, that likely makes you feel even lower than before. However you now know what it means to leave a legacy, and how even the most modest individual may leave behind a legacy. So get started, bang into the game and begin doing your thing - those simple but astonishing deeds that will leave behind your legacy.

Starting small is the right way to start.

You've just celebrated your 60th birthday and you're feeling as rotten as hell. How come? Because you all of a sudden realize that you're not going to leave anything valuable or real behind.

Yes, you know you've been a great son, husband, and dad, however, what about those great legendary stories that are told about particular individuals? Will anybody talk about you in proud awe of something awesome that you accomplished? Are you leaving behind a legacy?

I‟m already an old granddad, you think, and what may I do today? Isn‟t it too late? Come again, you said you are a granddad, did you? That itself is a most potent asset.

Have you observed that a lot of acquaintances around you always talk about their grandparents? Not that their grandma or grandpa built the Statue of Liberty or something, but merely simple matters. They talk about when grandpa took them fishing down at the river and the awesome time they had. Or the fact that in the sorry old days, granny took the pains to collect scraps of cloth from the local seamstress and stitched new pants for them shavers!

Are you spending any such quality time with your grandchildren? Are you going on adventures with them, or presenting them great advice? Something that they'll talk about in muted tones when recalling their childhood? A daughter pays tribute to the grandpa of her sons in the verse form below:-

“He loved everybody that's here, and a few he never met, a man of forbearance and forgivingness, I know we won't forget. My boys loved him, dear, with simply a bushel and a peck, and never could they leave without a hug about the neck.”

You have an immense repertoire of your life experiences that you are able to share with your grandchildren. You are able to bestow your work skills and your life skills to them, a little each day.

They'll learn from your errors and be inspired by your success and someday they'll say - „You know, my grandpa used to say…” That‟s when you will know deep in your spirit, that you've become a „famous grandpa‟ and have left behind an awesome legacy.

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