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Lesson 1: Five Tips For Fall Fitness

When the cooler weather arrives, our first instinct is to cuddle under a blanket with a warm snack. Our slim summer bodies hide under the clothes so we almost don't see those pounds as they start piling on. This fall, take five easy step to better fitness so you're not scrambling to lose weight next spring.

Feast On Fall Harvest Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables last way beyond the hot summer months. Fill up on yummy fall fruits and vegetables including cranberries, apples, pears, pomegranates, pumpkins, and tangerines. Feast on flavorful fall vegetables including eggplant, cauliflower, snow peas, sweet potatoes and winter squash. Step up your fitness routine even more by going to harvest your own fresh fruits and veggies. You'll get plenty of fresh air and exercise while you hand-pick the finest selections fresh from the fields.

Roast Instead Of Raw

During the summer months, many people get accustomed to eating refreshingly raw fruits and vegetables. A major benefit of eating raw rather than cooked veggies is the nutrients aren't boiled away. As the weather gets cooler, our bodies automatically crave warmer foods. Why not roast your vegetables instead of consuming them raw? Roasting retains all the vitamins and provides the hot food your body wants. Just drizzle olive oil and a dash of pepper and salt over your vegetables and roast in a 350-degree oven until lightly browned.

Get Moving In The Cool Air

During the summer months, our bodies get stagnant in the heat. We exercise but excessive exhaustion and perspiration take over. Test your true endurance in the cooler fall days. Fall is a great time to build endurance because you aren't struggling against oppressive heat. Whether you're raking leaves, bicycling, hiking or jogging, get up and get moving in the cool fall air.

Stay Away From Comfort Foods

As the fall weather sets in, everyone is already talking about holidays. Feast foods appear at home, in office break rooms, and at friends' homes. Learn which comfort foods to avoid so you won't pack on the pounds before the winter even arrives. Avoid sweets, goodies and tempting treats with hundreds of sugary or salty calories your body doesn't need. Arrive at parties armed with a personal artillery of healthy alternatives. Carry a nutritious snack in your handbag or briefcase to avoid office snacking. Bring low calories choices to snack on when you go visiting. When you are well-prepared, it's easier to avoid comfort foods and snacking pitfalls.

Get Ready To Get Back To Business

During the summer, many people enjoy a more relaxed pace. Students, teachers, and people taking time off for scheduled summer vacations often fall into a pattern of laziness and snacking. If you were away from work for the summer, create a new routine as work starts again. Office employees can stretch during breaks or take a short local walk. Even fitting in a few minutes of movement during the day does wonders for your circulation. Fit fitness into your daily routine for increased energy and a healthier body.

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