Email List Profit Funnels

Lesson 1: Email List Profit Funnels

Monetization is one of the things most marketers seem to ignore until it’s too late. They may throw in an affiliate link from time to time, but they ignore the big picture.

If you don’t monetize your list well right from the start, you will not only be losing money, you’ll be training your list to expect fewer promotions. Then, when you do start to monetize your list they may unsubscribe because of the sudden increase in promotions.

It’s very important to train your list from the beginning that they are going to receive promotional messages fairly often. Don’t spam them daily, but send a marketing message at least once or twice per week. This helps them remember who you are and expect those promotions.

Don’t forget to send them quality content for free occasionally, as well. In fact, it’s a good idea to send at least 2-3 messages with content for every 1 marketing email you send. More people will open your messages regularly if you send them quality, informative content often because they won’t want to miss that content.

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