Step-By-Step Guide To Running A Successful Home Based Business

Lesson 1: Does Traditional Network Marketing Still Work?

Network marketing has been around since even before the Internet made its presence felt in the world. In those days, multilevel marketing was practiced in ways that are now termed as traditional. The methods used were quite personal. When a person signed up for traditional multilevel marketing back then, the only people they thought about recruiting were their family members, their friends and people that they were frequently in contact with.

There was a reason for that. Multilevel marketing, though it existed in the 60s and the 70s, it was not very well known as a business model. The common person was quite defiant about it and this was a big barricade in progress of the handful multilevel marketers that existed. Due to that, they could not bring in a lot of people in their network and this took a toll on the money they made. With that kind of a record, they were not able to bring more people. This chain could not be broken for a long time.

The traditional MLM methods that were used included arranging personal meetings with prospects, cold calling people from a list, organizing seminars and meetings, etc. All these methods were based on the personal rapport that the marketer could create with the prospects. Because of that, these methods met with a lot of failure. Every multilevel marketer could recruit about a dozen people from those that he or she knew but given the compensation model that most MLM companies used in those days, it was not possible for them to create good incomes for their marketers.

After getting a particular number of people in their network (more than half of whom would be unmotivated to take the network forward), marketers would arrive at a block. The income would be stuck at what this network could bring in, which was meager to say the least.

Sadly, even in the times of the Internet today, these traditional methods are being widely used. There are a lot of marketers who do not think beyond their personal contacts when they have to build networks. This certainly does not work. What marketers need to realize today is that they can reach out to the whole world – on a very impersonal note that too – and make them aware of the grand business opportunity that exists in front of them. If three decades ago, network marketers had only their own towns where they could build their networks in, today the world has become their sample space.

Traditional methods of MLM do not work today. They can at best bring you a trickle of money and that too if the compensation plan is impressive. What you have to do is to mingle online promotion methods to milk this cow to its full potential.

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