Friends With Benefits

Lesson 1: Are You Losing Yourself In Your Relationship?

You finally found someone who you think is the person you have searched for all of your life, but then you start to feel as though you have no time to yourself. Everybody desires to have a healthy relationship with that ideal mate. When you have one, you will need to sustain it, but one of the errors people are inclined to make is that they forget about the "me" time in their relationship.

It is not good for you to always be around your mate. You want to spend a little "me" time so that you have a lot more to offer your partner. This is a common problem with couples - whether they are still in the newlywed level of romance or have been together for a long time.

Many folks spend so much time with their mate that they feel perplexed and lonely when they are left alone for any period of time. Here are a few ways of life you will be able to use to nurture yourself so that you are able to commit the best to your lover when it is time to be a couple:

1. Spend an evening reading that book you have been longing to get your hands on. Tranquil time at home savoring a good book with no disruptions may energize you when you meet up with your mate once again.

2. Catch a motion picture that you have wanted to see, but your partner was not interested in seeing (like a good chick flick). Do not deny yourself something you would like to do only because your partner does not wish to do it.

3. Visit your family. Passing the time with your family may help you keep a relationship strong. We frequently alienate our own family in favor of a brand-new love interest.

4. Go out with friends. Passing the time with your friends allows you to loosen up and be yourself without worrying how you are coming across to the other person. Whenever your partner displays jealousy to an extreme degree, then you may prefer to reconsider whether it is a healthy bond after all.

5. Play sports or do your favorite hobby or activity. If you are a golfer for instance and your partner is not, there is no reason why you should not take a day and hit the links. Take in a friendly game with someone or just play around by yourself. if you like to sew, as another example, spend the day doing that. Just because your mate finds it boring, does not mean you can't do it.

6. Enjoy a bubble bath or whirlpool. Baby yourself with a bubble bath, hot tub, whirlpool or a rub down. Make yourself feel good and get energized for the next time you get together with your partner.

7. Go do some Shopping. You can go shopping and buy something for yourself. If you prefer, you can find something for your partner. Dine out if you would like to splurge on that "huge chocolate desert" you are always too ashamed to have your lover see you devouring. Spend a day and window shop or go exploring the city.

A flourishing relationship demands "me" as much as "we" time. Make certain to plan a healthy dose of both in your relationship. And when your partner begins to find his or her own "me" time, allow him or her the freedom to reconnect with their own soul, too. Your relationship will only become stronger and the two of you will remain happy together.

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