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Keyword Research For Niche Hunting

A classic problem with keyword research and niche research is this: when everyone is using the same tools, everyone is working off the same results. This problem get's even tougher when everyone is also using the same techniques and the same ideas about how to do keyword research.

With most keyword research tools, words are connected semantically by language. In other words, they're not connected by meaning and there is no nuance.

A search for a term such as "lose weight," will start to illustrate the problem. Google's keyword tool shows us plenty of terms that are connected linguistically. But even doing a basic search on the term shows us keywords, phrases, entire niches and ideas that are not revealed: excessive weight, obesity, diabetes, eating disorders, foods not to eat, etc. etc.

How do we get around that? Google's keyword tool gives us some options to begin. We can select a particular keyword. That's returned, and then have it search further on that term, as well as some other types of iterations. We used to call this "deep digging".

But that still leaves the vast majority of terms, phrases, and ideas hidden and undiscovered. And truly, that's where the gold is.

I can't suggest strongly enough that you spend some time on the resources blog, and play around with some of the keyword and niche idea generators, etc. And I'll tell you from plenty of experience, it takes playing around with some of these tools and applications, pairing them together, using the results from one as the input for another, etc. before you really start to become adept at finding the things that others don't.

And one more time, finding the things that others don't mean to get the gold. To illustrate this idea one more time - it's that important - try this:

Consider a search for vocational training, career training, professional development, or thousands of other niche & keyword terms & phrases. Here's what you won't find:

  • Products related to those niches that don't use those words
  • People and personalities related to the niche or words
  • Slang terms used within those industries and areas of interest
  • Titles of courses, books or products that are prominent within these niches were areas.

One more easy to visualize for example: "classical music". You won't find much in the way of:

  • Composers
  • Classical music ensembles or groups
  • Famous classical music arrangers or musicians
  • Names of songs or sheet music
  • Instruments used for or associated with the genre

I hate the term "thinking outside the box". It's one of those phrases that has been overused to the point of deafness.

But the truth is "thinking outside the box" is how we get the gold.

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