Social Media Profits

Introduction To Social Media Marketing

- Why Social Media Marketing is profitable
- The desired results
- Potential Pitfalls
- Overview of the training course

Why Social Media Marketing is Profitable
You can reach a very large amount of people:

 YouTube: 1 Billion views per day

 Facebook: 400 Million users

 MySpace: 200 Million users

 Twitter: 100 Million users Interaction

 People buy from other people, not companies

 Businesses and companies are spending more  Fast

The Desired Results
 Brand yourself and your business/products

 Large fan base of potential clients

 Building a quality email list

 Driving large amounts of traffic to your website

Potential Pitfalls
 Hard Selling

 Trying to sell too soon

 Spamming

 Using automated software

The Training Course:
 Facebook

 Twitter

 YouTube

 MySpace

 Digg

 StumbleUpon

 Action Plan

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