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Introduction to Pinterest

Pinterest is a kind of online pin board that can be used for a huge variety of purposes. It can be used just like a real pin board for things like organization, planning, and showing things off to the world. It is also a social media site with over four million current users, and it is growing incredibly fast. Pinterest is extremely useful for learning new things both about interests you already have and about completely new interests.

On pinterest you can post your images, articles, and anything you find on the Internet onto a pin board for any number of reasons. You can post it so you don’t forget it, to keep things organized, you can use it to plan, and many other things. But on top of these functions pinterest uses what it finds out about you through what you post on your pin board to connect you with other people with the same interests, making it a social media network as well. Through meeting other people with your same interests pinterest lets you learn more about what you like and discover completely new things that you would probably be interested in.

Pinterest is also very useful for organization. It can help you organize plans for things like trips and business. You can organize pictures of where you want to go on vacation or places you need to go when on a business trip. Knowing what the place looks like helps you a lot when it comes to getting there, and also the order that the pictures come in can show you where you need to go first and where you need to go last. Because you can make your pin boards public you can also use the pictures to show friends how to find your house. You can show them pictures of landmarks used for navigation, for example “Turn right at this gas station” and show a picture of the exact gas station they need to turn at. This is literally the next best thing to being in the car with the person.

It can also be used for getting an image of what something will look like at the projects end before even starting. For example if you are going to refurnish a room then you can put pictures of everything you will put in the room onto a pin board and see all of the things right next to each other. This will let you see how the colors match and how each piece of furniture and each picture on the wall will look next to each other.

So in short pinterest is a website that can help you with anything you want it to, and also a place to meet new people and learn new things. Simply put, a fun little forum to have fun on.

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