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Introduction – Creating Products From PLR

Introduction – Creating Products From PLR… Using Private Label Rights to create products is so obvious I’m including it as an introductory subject instead of counting it as one of your five ways to create a product in one day. If you’re already familiar with the various ways to convert PLR products into your own unique products then skip to the next section, but if you haven’t used PLR before this will be a nice, potentially valuable bonus for you…

Creating Products from PLR Articles… The most common form of private label rights is PLR articles. Depending on the conditions placed on them from the original author, you may be able to resell them just as they are. If so, leave the bundle as is and modify the graphics or website that came with them so you strengthen the conversions and make it look more like your own product.

More often you’re not allowed to sell those rights, so instead you’re creating a product from them. One of the simplest ways to use them is to organize PLR articles by category, then within one category put the articles into a logical order. Copy and paste each article into a text file in the order you’ve chosen, starting each new article at the top of a new page. Once completed, create a table of contents at the start of the report, pick a title for your report and create a cover page.

If you’re good with graphics & intend to make an e-cover for this product, use the flat (2-D) version of that cover design on your cover page. If you’re purchasing custom mini-site graphics that include an e-cover use that. If you’re not planning a graphic then put just the name of the report in larger type. Under the graphic or title put your own name as author and below that link to one or more of your web sites.

Then add a page or two of recommended resources at the end of the report. Each resource should be targeted to the same niche as the report, and the more tightly related they are the better your chances of getting sales from those links. Make each a product of your own or one you can get an affiliate link for.

Creating Products from PLR Reports & E-Books… Private label reports and e-books are often useable just as they are, but you certainly won’t know that til you read through each one to check for spelling, grammar, flow and validity. Remember, it’s YOUR name going on these products, so you HAVE to make sure it’s up to par with the image you want to project. Rewrite, edit, take away from or add to any section you feel needs it, then progress as you did for the reports made from articles.

Since numerous people will be presenting the same content unless you’ve majorly re-written the work, I recommend you use ‘Presented By…’ as opposed to ‘Written By…’ – but that’s a personal choice so do as you wish with that point. Take a few moments at this point and think up a better, more ‘catchy’ title, or one making better use of the keyword(s) you’ll be targeting with this product. Create, or have created, new site & e-cover graphics using the new product name and then re-do the salespage to make the best use of your title and keyword targeting.

Most importantly, punch up the page title (the <title></title> section near the start of the HTML) and the main headline that’s displayed in the browser (Look for the part between the <h1> and </h1> tags in the HTML). If you’re not that comfortable editing HTML files, do those two in a text editor like NotePad – not in word processor programs like MS Word as they add additional characters and hard returns. Just be careful not to overwrite any part of the tags themselves – the commands within the <>.

There’s one other tag you’ll want to check, also near the top of the file, and that’s the Keywords tag. Make sure it has the keywords you want the product to target, from most important to least, each separated by a comma. While Google doesn’t use your keyword tags there are still some that do, so don’t skip this step.

Another product you can create from these types of PLR is audio recordings. Simply open your audio program and read the report aloud. Don’t worry about making mistakes or having to do the whole thing in one setting – just use your editing program to remove bloopers and/or piece together various takes to create your finished products.

One again be sure to introduce yourself at the start of the audio and promote at least one site at the end. Use the original PLR as your transcript, and add the usual information and links to that – don’t try and promote a variety of products within the audio itself, but just stick to one site in that part.

Note – often a PLR report is perfectly acceptable as it’s written. If that’s the case, consider adding photos, graphics and/or screenshots into it to illustrate the topics being discussed. This both helps to make it unique and, in many cases, makes it easier for people to grasp the concepts being discussed.

Creating Products Using PLR Audios & Videos… Creating your own products from audios and videos with private label rights can become more involved if you start editing the multimedia itself – some of the video products I’ve created took 8-12 hours just for each render along the way! But that doesn’t mean that even a newbie can’t create a unique product from them in just one day. Here’s how…

Most PLR videos come with both .AVI and .FLV formats. Go straight to the FLV folder and you should see pre-made HTML pages generated to show the videos. Simply edit those pages by adding your title for the product, ‘Presented by…’ credits and either a banner ad or a couple of text links under the video window.

If you’re already comfortable editing videos, a simple trick is to create a still graphic for an opening screen and a closing screen. Drop those into your timeline just ahead of the video and just following, choose your transition, if any, and then re-render the video to the same size and resolution as the original. (You can upsample or downsample if you wish, just remember the effect it’ll have on your rendering times.)

PLR audios, on the other hand, don’t usually include display pages. If you’re comfortable creating the pages and player controls you can go that route, branding and monetizing each page as we discussed for the PLR video pages. You can also ‘doughnut’ each of the audios with an intro & exit – just recording those two and drop them into the start and finish of each audio, again as we discussed with the videos, except this time they’re recorded inserts, not graphics.

Finally, if those are a bit advanced for the point you’re at, throw on your headphones and stop & start your way through the audio while typing out what’s being said. When complete, brand & monetize the new transcript like any other report or e-book. Now you can choose to release just the e-book, the e-book with the video, or sell the e-book with an upsell to get the audio version as well!


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