Build Your Very Own Hot List Of Paid Leads At Warp Speed

Introduction: Buyers Generation

I am going to teach you how to build your very own hot list of paid leads at warp speed!

Other contemporary list building courses out there, as you probably already know by now, teach you how to build only type of mailing list. Granted, list building is very essential and many marketers teach you that “the money is in the list”. However a lot of these marketers fail to explain to you that there are actually two distinct types of list:

1. General subscribers list

2. Customers list

This course focuses on teaching you how to build the second type of list a.k.a. the Customers List. Although it is true that the money lies in the list, what a lot of marketers fail to reveal and explain is that most of the money is generated from the Customers List (also known as the Buyers List).

Having said that, I’m going to teach you how to build yourself a list of paid buyers regardless of whether they bought from you directly or from your ‘competitors’ (mind boggling for now, but don’t worry all will be made clear soon!) And above all, I will show you how to get yourself a list of paid buyers in the fastest time possible so that your Internet business can prosper, which otherwise would have taken the average person months – if not years – to reach!

Regardless of whichever Internet business you are running or even any other types of offline businesses, you need to have a strong following of customers – people who are willing to spend money and shop with you. So the main objective here is to get a list of paid leads all the way!

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