How To Attain True Happiness In Relationships


It has been theorized too many times that men and women are diametrically opposite beings. The theory goes on to say that there are totally different things that drive both these genders, and there are different things that they are looking for. That is the reason men and women act and behave in radically different ways.

Now, while the truth is that nature itself has ordained us to be different, which means our behaviors are characteristic of the gender that we belong to, it is also a sordid fact that this can create a lot of problems. There are several instances in which men and women do not understand each other, due to which there are disagreements and arguments between the two, even leading to drastic steps such as breakups and divorce.

There are some pretty heavy and deplorable numbers about relationships that have not worked out, while it is true that if just a little more effort and understanding were used, these relationships could have worked amazingly well.
The intention of this eBook is to show what repairs could have been possible in relationships that soured down, and to reveal that with some more considerate effort, many of our relationships could be veered in the right direction.
This e-Book shows you that men and women are fundamentally different and we need to understand and accept these differences. We need to understand that there are different things that we look for in life, and even in a relationship, there are different things that a man and a woman look for in each other. If this one fundamental law of nature is kept in mind, then both genders would be able to live in better harmony with each other. Realizing our differences, we would be in better stead to become a unified whole.

It takes time and it takes effort, but, most importantly, it takes a great deal of maturity and understanding. If we accept these differences in our partners, we will have more meaningful relationships. With this eBook, we are not trying to tell you to change what nature has made you as—that is not going to happen—but it is necessary to realize that your partner is a different person. It is not necessary that they should like the same things that you do and say the same things that you speak.

At the same time, most of the things that we label as selfish and inconsiderate in our partners, are actually quite different from what they appear. These things are nothing but the fundamental traits of those people. They are fashioned to behave in that particular manner. If a man forgets his wife’s birthday, it is not because he does not care for her—it is because nature has designed him to focus on one job at a time.

Maybe he was just too busy with something else, his mind was biologically diverted to that task completely, and he slipped up. Or, when a woman spends too much time looking after herself, the man should not think that she is being vain. Nature has designed women in such a way that they like to take care of their appearance.

This is what we have to understand and accept. Instead of creating the world into a war zone full of enmity between the sexes, it is important to understand the diametrical differences between the two genders, and live in harmony. We are designed to be different. It is time to accept that and live in harmony.

In this e-course, you are going to see the different ways in which man and woman are designed to be different. You are going to read how to find out these differences in your partner and what you should do so that there is no cause for discord.

We will suggest you to maintain a journal of your relationship, a journal that you will create and update in discussion with your partner. You will be able to vent out your feelings in this journal and you will be able to understand how your partner is disposed as well. You will find that just the process of maintaining this journal will go a long way in helping your relationship to improve.

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