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Thank you for purchasing Facebook Marketing Secrets. You have taken a wise step to discover new facebook marketing tips and to boost your online profits.

If you are totally new to facebook and facebook marketing, I suggest you read up a bit on facebook marketing strategies like creating facebook groups, fan pages and facebook advertising. This will help you a lot in understanding a lot of the facebook marketing secrets and tips in this ecourse.

Also, I would recommend that you read and reread the tips and make notes on the tips that is important for you. Some may be more suited for your business or situation than others.

Beware of information overload when you read all these tips in one go. I suggest you study only one, or a few tips at most per day and then try to apply them. This way you will benefit more from this course.

If you purchased the Audio files, you may also want to listen to them while you are busy working. Using more senses, improves learning.

Finally good luck with all your facebook marketing and your online business. I hope that you will become very successful and reach all the goals you set for yourself.

Without wasting your time any further, let us jump right into tip number 1...

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