Sell More Products By Using Magical Words


When it comes to selling products, you have to be careful with your words. You can’t just pitch a product to your customers using the same tone, mood, and phrases as you would to make a suggestion to a friend. And you can’t discuss the features of a product like you might in a letter or an email.

That is, when you pitch your work or the work of another business owner, you have to choose your words carefully. You have to select words and phrases that will instruct the reader to think and act in a way that will eventually result in them buying your products.

How can you do this? There are a number of tricks. Some involve inserting certain “psychological trigger” words into your copy. These words will generate some association in the reader’s mind, which will compel them to act in a specific way. For instance, you might use the word “shocking” or “scientifically proven” in a salesletter headline to draw in the attention of a reader.

In addition to simply picking words wisely and placing them carefully, you will also need to do the same thing with complete phrases. You will need to contrive phrases and place them in the right places in order to generate the right impact.

For instance, in order to increase your conversion rate, you will need to use a well-placed and cleverly constructed “call to action.” Botch this and you could lower your conversion rate by 50%.

In addition to crafting a good call to action, you will need to do something similar with headlines. You will need to put words together in a way that immediately draws in a reader, so that they continue on to the rest of your content before closing the page.

In short, the construction and placement of good words and phrases can go a long way in determining the success of your marketing campaign. Fortunately for you, the rest of this guide was created with the intention to help you do things better.

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