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Welcome to the “Video Sales Letter Genius” course! This is the introduction to what we’re going to learn. And first things first, I want to make a statement here and some of you may agree some of you may disagree.

I want to say that standard “text only” sales letters still work. They still work today but because people are just seeing them over and over and over again. A lot of people have got used to it. Yes, they still converse. The only real way of knowing whether or not they're going to convert for you is by testing it.

Now if you're selling something where somebody needs to visually see it such as a video course they might want to see a video before they actually buy it.

Same for a piece of software or something that they need to visually see. If it's only text and you're talking to an audience that you know are “kinesthetic” in their visual you're going to lose sales because a kinesthetic or visual type person needs to see it. So you've got to realize there are audio auditory, there are kinesthetic people and people who are visual.

So a lot of times people forget about the kinesthetic and visual type people and if your market is filled with tons of kinesthetic and tons of visual people and you're only using a text sales letter then there can be a problem. So obviously different markets can be different but while this could be debated this course has been created from actual testing of what has worked well for us.

If you can create a video sales letter or smart video sales letter that mixes up text screen capture and different types of mediums (I'll explain it later) you'll be able to increase your sales conversions because you'll keep it interesting, you'll keep it engaging, you'll address what needs to be addressed. This removes skepticism which is more and more common; it's a lot harder to sell to people nowadays. That means you really need to take advantage of all the technologies that are available to you and stay ahead of the game.

So now I want to give you a quick overview so you know exactly what to expect in this course and how everything is laid out.

Chapter #1 is “Who is your audience?”. That chapter is going to show you how to figure out exactly the demographics of your audience. There are many different tools out there that you can use. I'm going to stick with 3 different tools that I personally have used over and over again. I'll show you what my favorite tools are and why, which tools give you certain types of data so that you're able to see exactly who that person is like their pains, their purchasing behaviors and more than just demographics We will be digging deep trying to figure out exactly who you're talking to because if you can figure that out then creating the video sales later is just going to be so much easier.

Chapter #2 is “What is your audience's pain?”. You need to figure this out because this is going to be the main points of your video sales letter, especially in the beginning.

Chapter #3 is “Common buyer objections and resistance”. This is general, a lot of times it can be specific depending on what you're trying to sell. I'm going to cover this because I want you to know the most common buyer objections so that you can integrate it throughout your video sales letter.

Chapter #4 is “Video sales letter formula” and in the chapters #5 and #6 we will look closer at the formula. I will walk you through step by step so you can pretty much follow along the template.

In the chapter #7 we're going to cover the formula in relation to answering the big question “what's in it for me?” or “why should I believe in you?”

Chapter #8 is “Your pitch” where we will talk about how to make your potential buyers to take action, make your guarantee and so on.

Chapter #9 “The Tools” will show you how to increase your conversions by using technology.

In chapter #10 I'm going to talk about “text versus screen capture”. There's a time to use text only and there's a time to use screen capture. My take on that is I would mix it together. In this chapter I'm going to go over the conceptual of using PowerPoint slides and then I will show you how to do screen capture. I found over the years that mixing text and screen capture actually helps. But I'm going to tell you exactly when you should do it.

So here's how it works. Instead of following a template first you're going to understand your audience very-very-VERY well. Then you're going to write your sales letter. Then you're going to apply new technologies to your video sales letter which I’ll explain a lot more in detail later down the road. So with that said let's jump to the chapter #1 where I'm going to show you exactly how to figure out who you are selling to.

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