Winning the wholesale and drop shipping game


The first thing most would-be online retailers, flea market vendors, etc. do is search Google for “wholesale” or dropshippers. Of course it seems like the most logical thing to do right? The problem with this though, you’ll be sent you on a never-ending wild goose chase. Searches like these will only bring up a myriad of the very sites you don’t want!

So, the next logical thing to search for is something like, “how to find real wholesalers” or “how to find legitimate dropship companies”. These lead to similar, or even worse results.

For those who are bound and determined to find the real deal, in time they usually do. Getting past the learning curve isn’t easy and takes a great deal of patience. Persistence and creative thinking do pay off in time. You just need to figure out how things truly work, pay keen attention to details, and one day it will finally hit you like a ton of bricks: “oh, o.k. so that’s how it’s done.” Then, you’ll no longer be wasting precious time looking for needles in booby-trapped haystacks!

Sadly, most people just get frustrated and give up, or go broke before they even have a chance to get started.

The aim of this book is to help you steer clear of the minefield and dive right in where the mother lode rests. It’s there, you know it has to be. After all, there are plenty of sellers making money; they wouldn’t continue to sell if they weren’t making a decent profit. That just makes sense.

So, let’s go over how all of this Wholesale/Drop-shipping thing works in reality so you can get off to a good start!

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