Maximum Conversions: Creating A Killer Squeeze Page


Getting Started

Your squeeze page is where the magic happens. It is where visitors are converted into subscribers – giving you the opportunity to transform subscribers into customers and if you work hard to build a relationship with those customers, they’ll turn into repeat buyers. It is where you are able to grow your business, develop your brand and solidify your place in your market. In other words, the springboard to building a community of your own, and ultimately, the center point of your entire online business.

Building a responsive, targeted mailing lists is an integral part of the success of your online business, and your squeeze page serves as the entry point into your sales funnel. Even if you have yet to develop a back-end, or you’re just starting out, building a mailing list should be on your priority list. With a responsive, targeted list, you can start making money long before you ever release a product of your own, in fact, it’s the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to penetrate the most profitable niches online!

Your incentive offer is the primarily ‘pull’ that will motivate visitors into giving up their name and email address in exchange for access to your special offer, however, your squeeze page needs to be designed around highlighting the benefits of becoming a subscriber.

Think of your squeeze page as a “mini sales letter”. You only have a few minutes to capture attention and close the deal, and even though your squeeze page is not designed to ‘sell’ a product, you are still selling them on the advantages of becoming a subscriber. After all, they have to hand over their personal information to you, trusting that you will not abuse it. It’s your job to demonstrate your commitment to providing quality information, to helping them and to safeguarding their information in every way possible.

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