Achieve Total Harmony Through Hypnotherapy

Lesson 1: Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a great tool which is helping people out all across the globe. Some people might think that these are just illusions and there is no effective technique of hypnotherapy but after reading this whole E-course you will know Hypnotherapy really exists and it works very effectively to clear your mind from all the false and bad thoughts.

Basically, hypnotherapy is used to cure the mental illness which includes mental disorders, stress management, and other similar problems but these days with modern and advanced hypnotherapy, physical illness is also being cured. To understand the process of hypnotherapy, a very detailed study and research are required but in this E-course, I have tried to make things clearer and briefer.

If you search online then, you will come across hundreds of E-courses on hypnotherapy but this E-course is different because in this book I will give you a detailed understanding of hypnotherapy as well as I will tell you the exact and effective techniques of hypnotherapy.

You can also know about original hypnotherapist and fake because there are people who are fooling around and calling themselves hypnotherapist but they actually do not have sufficient knowledge to be called one. I will also demonstrate some true and most effective hypnosis techniques which you can learn and apply them to get very good and surprising results.

Hypnosis is a different state of mind in which people can react according to your suggestions. Hypnosis bypasses your conscious brain and accesses the subconscious brain directly. When a person is hypnotized then, he starts to perceive things in a totally different way and this perception can be emotional or physical. Some people think that you need to first believe in hypnosis in order to be hypnotized but for a true hypnotherapist, this is not necessary.

The ability of hypnotherapy to heal some physical illness depends on totally upon the strength of mind. If a person has a strong belief in himself then, it is quite possible that hypnotherapy can simulate that mind thoughts even more and physical condition may get better but if a person wants to die then, no one can save him. Normally humans use 5 percent of their total brain and this 5 percent is the conscious mind while the rest of the 95 percent is subconscious which controls our internal systems like digestion, blood flow, regulation of hormones, body temperature, and pain management and much more.

All of these functions can be manipulated with medicines. Hypnotherapy has no side effect because it does not add anything to your body.


When people give their will to go under a hypnotherapy session then, lots of questions arise in their minds. For example, they will ask will they remember the session. Can hypnotherapist make them do things which he wants? Is it dangerous? Will I be completely lost during hypnotherapy session?

All of these questions can be answered just by going through a hypnotherapy session. In order to guide your mind, hypnotherapist does not need to know the exact chemical reactions which are occurring in your mind instead he just needs to access the right part of the brain and store the right information.

For everything which you need to do, there is an instruction coming from your subconscious mind for example when you are passing through a food market then, a certain smell of food will urge you to go and eat that now that suggestion of eating upon smelling was given by subconscious. Similarly, the hypnotherapist can stimulate your subconscious to react against a certain illness or some bad habit like smoking.

When you experience sexual arousal then, you cannot make that go unless you get that sexual instinct out of your mind which made you arouse. When the reason for that suggestion goes, the subconscious stops to give instructions.

A patient’s example can clearly explain all of this procedure very clearly. A female came with the fear of needles and she wanted to donate blood but when she was laid back for taking out the blood then, the fear of needle was so fierce in her mind that her subconscious mind stopped the blood flow in her arms. When she was explained that there are other parts of her body which can be treated for taking blood then, the blood returned to her arms in 30 seconds. She was not even in a hypnotized state but still her subconscious changed the instructions. Similarly, you can make someone’s subconscious to change instructions and give more proper and effective instructions.

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