Start your Own Wedding Videography Business


This course plans to do two things. One, I plan to offer a little guidance into the world of Wedding Videography and two, provide some extra’s which will get you up and run in no time. Let’s assume you already own the basic equipment to start your videography business. What exactly is the basic equipment needed for a videography business? Well, you need a camera. ADV (digital video) camera is an absolute must.

This relatively new format has made it possible for almost everyone to be able to shoot very high-quality digital video. A low-end DV camera can be bought for around $600, while the high end could go as high as $6000.

I am not going to get into brands, as I believe this is personal preference and each has their pros and cons. I do not recommend the Sony VX-2000 over the Canon Xl1-S. That is for your and your budget to decide. Just to clarify, I shot my first wedding on an 800-dollar Panasonic camera.

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