Create An Online Fortune With Simple Website Flipping Tactics


Welcome to the world of profitable website flipping! One of the most exciting aspects of becoming a website flipper is that you are in full control of your projects, and are able to build a solid business of your own, even with minimal experience. Not to mention, the start up costs are next to nothing.

For as long as the Internet has existed, the most valuable commodity is virtual real estate. And unlike the missed opportunity to register $10 domains that later turned into multimillion dollar sales, websites never lose their appeal, value or demand.

People, from all walks of life, including both new entrepreneurs to experienced veterans are always on the lookout for their next website.

As a website flipper, your job is to create dynamic websites that cater to this ever-growing demand, while always keeping a pulse on what is successfully selling in the marketplace, as well as any changes in trends and patterns that may affect the style or themes of the websites you sell.

When it comes to flipping websites, there are many different ways to get started, including:
• Long Term Flipping

• Short Term Flipping

With long-term flipping, you typically create a website and work towards establishing it over a period of time before selling it on the open market.

During this period of growth, you monetize it, build organic traffic campaigns that funnel in quality traffic, and work towards developing the websites position in both the search engines and within its niche market.

While long-term flipping requires dedication and patience, it can quickly pay off as websites carrying page rank, traffic and revenue are always in demand, and can generate a profit of up to 200x your investment.

If you are just getting your feet wet and are interested in making fast cash with simple website flipping projects, short-term flipping is probably for you.

With short-term flips, you work towards creating simple websites whose value is demonstrated in its cosmetic appeal, bendability factors, uniqueness and potential rather than existing revenue or traffic.

With short-term flips, you can end up selling multiple websites in a single week, whereas with long-term websites, you would only sell the website after a few months of consistent growth as to get the best return possible based on your investment of time and money.

As for the types of websites consistently selling in the marketplace, there are dozens of different formats and themes that are always in demand, including:

• Info Product Websites

• Niche Blogs

• Scripts & Software Sites

• Online Forums, Communities & Directories

• Training Based Websites

• Membership Websites

• Adsense Based Websites

In order to get your bearings and to determine what type of website you'd be most interested in creating, you should become familiar with the popular website flipping marketplaces, including:



While there are others, these two are the largest marketplaces online.

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