How To Have A Wonderful Marriage And Grow Old Together


Unhappy people who think that ending their marriage would make them more pleased are frequently living a myth.

Chances are that they’ve ascribed the failure of the marriage to their mate, relinquishing introspection. Blaming the other rather than oneself becomes the favorite pursuit, the handiest means to walk away.

By failing to admit their own debilities, and not recognizing that they’ve entered the marriage with absurd demands and unrealistic expectations, they unconsciously freed the forces leading to a likely separation.

There’s likewise the phenomenon of short memories. Somehow, the same people who vowed to support one another have forgotten their commitment and vows to love one another through thick and thin.

Our modern society has become a disposable society. When our once dear partner is no more of use to us, we call our attorney and instruct him/her to initiate a divorce.

Truth is, is that divorce has an atrocious side to it. It’s the simple way out for individuals who haven't an ounce of bravery to salvage what deserves to be salvaged.

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