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Integrating Your Accounts In 1 Place

Let’s start with integrating all your social media account in 1 place which is SocialPostAll.

Once you’ve created your account, what you need to do is start adding other social network accounts that you have.
For example, let’s try integrating your LinkedIn account. All you need to do is simple, sign in to your LinkedIn account at the pop-up window.

When you do, you need to allow SocialPostAll to use all the info you’ve provided on LinkedIn. Then, you need to tick the account that you want SocialPostAll to assist you with.

As you can see, your LinkedIn account is now being added to your SocialPostAll account. You can add the rest of your social network account to Hootsuite if you want to.

Click ‘Continue’ to proceed. All you need to do now is add the information of your business. Once completed, click ‘All done’ for you to be directed to your dashboard.

That concludes how to integrate your social media accounts in 1 place. In the next module, I will be showing you how to schedule your upcoming content

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