Instagram Marketing Success

Instagram Marketing Top Tips

Instagram Marketing Top Tips

1. Take care of your followers - The better you treat the people who follow you, then the more likely they are to share your images, join your mailing list and more importantly become customers in the future. Treat your list well, give them special offers or a sneak peak at your newest products first. Run a great competition that's just for them, and of course don't forget your manners if they interact with you or your images make sure you thank them!

2. Use #hashtags- Hashtagging pictures on Instagram means you are filing that image in a larger folder where the contents all share the same hashtag. This is a no- brainer for

businesses that aim to be associated with industry-related keywords and trending topics. During the beginning stages of your account, try to use the most popular, yet relevant, hashtags that will draw visitors to your account and hopefully increase your following.

3. Follow Your Followers Back – This is a really obvious step but its one that people often overlook in many social media platforms not just Instagram. If some has decided that you are worth following then you need to follow them back! Not only is it good manners but they have deemed your page and therefore you business as something worth following which means they have an interest in what you have to offer. So the first step in building that relationship is to thank them for their follow by following them back.

4. Understand Who Your Customers Are – This will help you post the correct content, follow the correct people and know how, when and what you should be targeting with your images. Getting the correct target audience will be vital to your success so do not overlook this step!

5. Post quality, personable visuals – make sure the content you are posting is of the best quality. You want to make sure that it is eye catching and will really capture people attention.

You need to be able to make your followers feel connected to the images and videos you post. Never be afraid to introduce humour to what you post, some of the most shared images on Instagram are funny pictures and remember to take full advantage of Instagrams video options and post both photos and images.

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