Including Photos in your EBay Listing

To achieve any degree of success as a seller on eBay you’ll need to include a picture of the item that you’re selling. Buyers are drawn to those listings that have a good, clear photo of the item. When you’re taking a picture of the item there are some basic guidelines that you should follow to make the most of this photo opportunity:

• Make sure that the lighting is good so that you get pictures that are clear and natural. If you’re taking a picture outside make sure to use a flash if you need to increase the brightness of the picture.

• Use a backdrop of some kind for smaller items. Try to avoid using a white backdrop as this put too much contrast into the picture.

• Remove other objects from the picture that have no relevance to the item that you’re selling.

• Get as close as you can without losing focus.

• Take pictures of sections of the item that you’re selling so that buyers can see all sides.

• Take pictures of any distinguishing marks on the item, such as manufacturer stamps on the bottoms of vases.

After you’ve taken the picture eBay will walk you through the process of uploading the photo to your listing
page. When you download the “eBay Picture Services Application” it will be easy for you to manage and upload all
your pictures.

You want to develop a design for your online business that is going to enhance your business image and that will add strength to your Internet presence on eBay. This strategy is vital to the success of your business. Your goal should be to develop a design for your business that you can use in all areas of promoting your online website: advertising through your eBay description, creating strong titles, and including great pictures with your listings. You want to create a business design that will be remembered and recognized by your eBay customers, and that builds trust and reliability in your business as well as consistency.

The way you describe the items that you’re selling can make all the difference between a sale or losing a buyer to another seller. Take some time to learn what works when it comes to item descriptions as well as how you should be designing your listing. The key to success at eBay is being familiar with the things that work. Most successful sellers have a wide variety of products to sell. They learn to manage their listings effectively and efficiently to make the most out of the quick minute which a buyer spends looking at your listing.

If you want your online business to profit and prosper then you need to become an expert when it comes to the publicity of the items that you have for sale on eBay. Publicity, or your eBay listing, can earn you a reputation as the expert in your target market, gain the trust and respect of eBay buyers’, and in the end earn your business the profits that you need to succeed. Your goal should be to do all of the above without spending thousands of dollars on traditional, and often risky, methods of selling and
advertising on the Internet.

eBay is a great online location for you to sell the items that you want to earn money to supplement your income or quit your job and sell at eBay at a full-time level.

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