A Guide on the Basics of Copywriting for the Web

How to Write Effective Copy for the Web

In order to write effective copy for the web, there are two primary areas that you should look at. It is the page title and the META descriptions. Both of these are usually the first two things that a person will see when searching the web for a particular product or service.

However, this does not actually apply to all search engines or directories as some will not show the META description at all. In some cases, they will show a snippet of the content from your site.

Below we provide a list of importance for particular areas that you should focus on in order to write effective web copy.

1. Page Title – This is the first thing that any visitor will see when carrying out a search on the web.

2. META Description – Usually the second thing the visitor will see when carrying out a search through a search engine or directory. It is important to remember that both of these are likely to be produced on the Search Engine’s Results Page (SERP’s).

3. Heading Tags – This will relate to specific subjects within your site.

4. Visible Content – This is another area of importance that you should focus on in order to produce effective copywriting for the web. These are provided below in order of importance.

a. Hyperlinked Tex and Title Attribute – This is frequently displayed as a “tooltip”. Which is a short message that will appear when the pointing device (cursor) pauses over a particular object?

b. Alternate Text Tags – This should be for an image and is not to be used for stuffing with keywords that do not apply to it.

c. META Keyword Tags – Unfortunately, due to severe abuse by unethical marketers and uneducated consumers these are not as strong as they use to be. In fact, most search engines will no longer be looking at these as a relevancy

A Guide on the Basics of Copywriting for the Web factor during their search. So it is important that you make sure the keywords you use in this tag are to be found in the visible content for the page.

So effective copywriting for the web can only be achieved if you carefully research your keywords and keyword phrases. What is the point of writing any copy, if you do not know what it is actually that your target audience is searching for? By targeting the correct keywords and keyword phrases you are taking one of the most important steps in writing effective copy.

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