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How To Schedule Your Post

It is time for you to begin scheduling all your desired contents to each social network account that you’ve integrated with SocialPostAll..

Look for ‘Publisher’ on the left side of your screen.

From there, on the top left of your screen, choose which social network profile that you want to schedule a post.
Say for example you want to post using LinkedIn. Click on the account and you can compose your message beside it.

If your message contains a link, you will get to see a preview of it below the box.

Now, click on the calendar icon to start scheduling your post. Simply set the date you want your message to be posted. Let’s go with Saturday which is on the 23rd of September.

Don’t forget to set the exact time you want it to be posted. Ticking the ‘Email me when the message is sent’ option is optional.

If you are satisfied with your scheduling setting, click ‘Schedule’. As you can see, your message is now scheduled to be posted on the set date.

That is how you schedule your post to all your social network account. In the next module, you will learn how to monitor the engagement and impression of your post.

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