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How To Post Your Images And Videos

How To Post Your Images And Videos

Posting on Instagram is really simply and thanks to the tools within the App it can also be a really fun and unique way of sharing your images and videos.

Instagram has a grid function that you can put on or off, its purpose is to help you centre your picture and take your picture straight on.

You can also choose a pre existing picture if you prefer from your mobile gallery. Of course if selfies are your thing you can rotate the camera to face you!

Instagram offer you a wide range of editing options that will allow you to change the look of your image. You can edit the colour, the shading the brightness, you can frame your picture plus lots more.

In fact these editing tools are part of what makes Instagram so great!

Once you have finished editing the videos then you can add a description to the image, you can tag in specific followers or you can even add a map, most important of all don't forget your call to action!

To post a video on Instagram you essentially just follow the steps that you took for posting an image. The great thing about posting a video on Instagram is the editing tool, you can edit the video from within the App.

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