Mastering Article Marketing For Virtual Assistants

How to Get Targeted Traffic from Your Article Marketing

You understand that article marketing works and we've talked about why you should do it. Before you sit down and start pumping out as much content as your fingers can type, you need to really understand how to attract and capture targeted traffic from your article marketing. This all starts with a good plan and an understanding of just what you want those visitors to do once they get to your website.

Want to get good results with your article marketing? Follow these steps:

1. Choose your topics carefully. Obviously, some topics are more compelling than others (take, for instance, the prevalence of “Lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes” headlines in the grocery store check-out lane). You probably already know to pick topics around your virtual assistant business and what services you provide. What you want to do is dig deep and make sure your articles are talking about the problems your potential clients have. Things like “How to get a membership site up and running FAST”, or “How to attract visitors who buy from you”. These are the kind of topics that will catch a potential client’s attention.

2. Keep your writing short and punchy. When reading online, people like to skim quickly rather than read word-by-word. As a result, providing clear, short sentences and paragraphs, headlines, bolding, italics and plenty of bullet points will help move your readers’ eyes to the bottom of the page. Make sure you use them appropriately by highlighting important points throughout your content.

3. Have a clear message. Got a really meaty topic? You’re much better off creating three articles of 400 words, each with a concise, tight theme, rather than one long piece of 1200 words. Being more targeted allows online publishers to choose the pieces that resonate best with their audiences. A better message-to-market match means a stronger connection and more likelihood the reader will want additional information from you.

4. Have a strong call-to-action. Don’t leave your readers hanging at the bottom of your article. Tell them clearly what you want them to do next, whether it’s to sign up for your mailing list, request a free report or consultation, read another one of your articles or even hire you directly. Leave them with no doubt in their mind about where to go next. Let’s go one better and suggest you know what your call to action is before you even start writing your article.

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