Learn How To Get Out Of Debt

How To Get Out Of Debt Without A Second Job

There are things you can do to help you get out of debt and build your savings account. All that is required is patience and discipline.

These debt tips are for people who have more money coming in than what they need to pay on their monthly bills, including credit cards. If you owe more than you can pay each month, you need professional help or a second or third job.

First, while paying the minimum on most of your credit cards, pay extra on the one with the highest interest. As you are paying each month check around for credit card transfer offers that have smaller interest rates than what you are paying.

If you can combine the debt from two or more credit cards into one credit card payment with lower interest you will save money and reduce the number of bills you get each month.

Try to put something into savings each week, even if it is only $10 or so. Once it is in savings, don't take it out. Especially with the current economy it is important to have something tucked away for an emergency.

Another way to get out of debt faster is to check around for ways to save money. Check with your cable company to see if they have any special deals that you could be under.

The local cable company that provides phone service and Internet service as well as cable service is constantly creating great deals that save $30 or more, and many times the lower price is good for six or twelve months. When the time is up and the price goes back up, call again and they should be glad to find you another good deal for another six to twelve months.

If your income is low enough, ask your phone company if they have a special price for low-income families. In this area people who fall in this category qualify for monthly charges that are less than $10.

When shopping for food buy off brands if possible. Many people are finding great deals at local stores called "99 Cent" stores or "Dollar Store." Some of these have fantastic deals on staples such as coffee, soup, drinks, and much more.

The same food might not be available regularly so visit the store weekly for new items. Be prepared to make large purchases if they have a shipment of something you use regularly, such as coffee or anything else.

Being in debt is stressful. Pay as much as you can afford to pay it down each month, save money where you can, and then don't worry about it. As long as you are doing what you can, there is no need to lose sleep.

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