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How To Find Followers

How To Find Followers

Finding people to follow your business really isn't that hard. You can follow people who have interests similar to that of your business.

You will be able to search for these users in the explore tab of Instagram:

When you are in the explore section of the App you will be able to search for users, images and videos from around the world.

You will use the little magnifying glass image to search images and video and you can use the user sub tab to find other Instagram users.

So that's how you search for other users who you could follow in the hope the then follow you back, however there are obviously many other ways to attract Instagram followers

• Share Images That People Can Connect With – Make your images personal, unique and original that way you will build a connection with your audience more easily.

• Use Popular And Relevant Hashtags – Research the most popular hashtags and then use them in your posts, find ones that relate best to the image you are going to share. The most popular hashtags are #Love, #me, #like, #follow, #tbt (throw back Thursday), #cute, #followme, #photooftheday, #tagsforlikes and #instagood.

• Host Contests - One of the most effective ways to boost engagement and gain new followers is by hosting a contest. It’s a proven tactic on any social media network. Contests are easy to create and get up and running. Take an amazing picture and add captions that inform people that there’s a contest under-way, like a give-away. Also, make sure that you also use #contest to make your contest easy to find. Don't forget to share your contest on other social media sites like Facebook.

  • Ask Questions - A simple method to gain more likes on your photos is to simply ask a question in the photo’s caption. Not only will this increase your amount of likes, it can increase comments. And, as we’ve mentioned numerous times already, engagement is the best way to increase the amount of followers on Instagram.
  • Post Frequently- If you want to retain, or attract, new followers, then you have to be able to keep their interest. One of the easiest ways is to post relevant and attractive photos on consistent basis; usually a few photos per day is more than enough. If you have hundreds of images to share, spread them throughout several days. Don't flood your followers’ feeds if you do they will simply un- follow you and it makes your account less

attractive for others to follow.

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