Advanced Affirmation And Attraction

How affirmations change your life

- Affirmations tap into the power of your belief systems. When you believe in something, it will come true. When you do not believe in something, it will never come true.

- This is also known as a self limiting belief. When you limit yourself, you wind up sabotaging your own success.

- The way you combat self limiting beliefs is to instill new beliefs that will overcome the resistance in your mind.

- The way you accomplish this is called a ‘state change’. A state change is the principle that when one or more of your being changes, the rest will follow. You have 4 states of beings - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

- You can change your mental state at any time by using the power of the spoken word. When you speak something, it creates a vibration in your mental state and it will start to affect your emotional state, your physical state and even your spiritual state.

- That is something fitness trainers do all the time. When you need to push for that last rep to finish strong, the encouragement from the trainer will give you the ability to push beyond your limits long after your mind has failed you. Affirmations work the same way.

In the next video, we’ll learn about the power of visualization and how it assists you in your affirmations.

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