Advanced Affirmation And Attraction

Guidelines for writing affirmations (present tense, positive, personal and specific)

In this final video, we will show you some guidelines on how to write your affirmations.

- When you write your affirmations you must use them in a present tense.
- E.g. I am enjoying the sea breeze in the Bahamas. Not I will go to the Bahamas.
- Write them in a positive affirmation. Never negative.
- E.g. I am confident and strong. Not I will not be weak, I will not be shy.
- Write them as personal as possible. Make it your own.
- Be as specific as you can. The more specific you are, the sooner you will achieve it. Ambiguous affirmations do not mean anything.
- E.g. I will make more money is a bad affirmation. Do - I will make $50,000 by next month.
- There you have it. Start using affirmations today.

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