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Getting Feedback from Facebook Fans

One of the best benefits individuals have when they create a Facebook page for their business is the ability to get automatic feedback. This includes feedback on potential new products, current products, campaigns and a lot of other things. This is perfect for businesses because customer feedback can help create products that are more likely to sell and be successful.

Discussion Boards

One of the best ways to get fans talking about a product is by starting topics in the discussion boards. You can find the boards by going to http://www.facebook.com/discussionboards. This is the perfect way to find out what customers really think of your products or services, their prices, and more. They can post whatever they choose in those boards as well so it’s important to focus on the positive energy and to pay close attention to the things customers want.


You can create polls for fans to vote on, which can be helpful for a number of different reasons. They’re a great way to get feedback about a favorite product and more. Individuals need only visit http://www.facebook.com/opinionpolls and then create a poll that can be utilized by all Facebook fans. It helps companies understand what to create more of, what to give it a rest on, and more. Polls are an excellent way to get customer feedback.

Ask On Your Page

Another very easy way to get feedback from fans is to start talking about it on your page. Find out which products are most beneficial to customers, which ones they give as gifts, etc. You can ask any question you want about your products and chances are, you’ll get some excellent answers as well as the important information you need to work on your products and services.

You can also create polls and ask questions using the “ask a question” link at the top of the update box on your Facebook page. This allows people to answer the question with their own answer or choose one of the answers you have created. It’s extremely easy to use and can provide valuable information for you.

Why Get Feedback?

If you’re creating a product and it’s selling really well, this it the perfect time to find out why. Likewise, if you’re selling a product that isn’t doing very well, find out what users think about that product so that you’re able to improve what you’re offering. Huge companies pay individuals to fill out surveys so they understand how their products are used and what kinds of people use them most often, etc. You can get this same thing for free by talking about your products on your Facebook page.

Overall, feedback is one of the most important things you can do for your company, and Facebook is a wonderful platform to receive all kinds of feedback.

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