A Guide on the Basics of Copywriting for the Web

Get a Headline that Grabs

The home page of any site is the key web page, especially if it is where you want a person to take some action, such as buying something or subscribing to something.

So, one of the great ways of building momentum, and also increasing the number of people who act on this, is by creating some urgency. There are many different ways in which this urgency can be created, and below are just a few:

1. Provide them with an offer for a limited period of time.
2. Offer limited supplies of a particular product.
3. Offer them seasonal specials.
4. Why not offer them a free gift when they subscribe or pay for a particular item.
5. Daily deals – this is a great way of bringing in customers.

However, just a word of caution when using these types of tactics: It is important that you are both credible and honest with the visitors to your site. So if you are saying that an offer expires on a particular date or at a particular time, then make sure that it does. Just imagine how bad it would look if someone came back to your site the day after, only to find the offer still in place.

But there are other ways in which you can imply urgency on your site. You could show a page with the prices, and that they are the best prices to be found on the web as at that time. With this method, you are not providing a time limit or a limit on how much of the product is available. But by using a timestamp, you are also implying that the prices on these products could increase at any time.

The whole idea of this method is so that you get people moving. So those who would normally be sitting on the fence will actually do something and make that all important purchase.

But above all, you can sell with urgency as long as you do it with integrity, or you may do more damage than good.

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