Mastering Article Marketing For Virtual Assistants

Generating Article Topics for VAs

One of the biggest challenges for new article marketers is coming up with topics to write about. The key to developing great article topics is to ask yourself the right questions. Pull out a sheet of paper and a pen, set aside 15 minutes to brainstorm, and jot down answers to the following questions:

1. What are the five most common questions people ask you about being a VA?
2. What are the top five things you wish all your new clients knew about working with a VA?
3. What are the five biggest lessons you’ve learned about working with your clients?
4. What are the top five tasks or jobs that you can help your clients with?
5. What are the five biggest benefits of working with a VA?
6. What are the five biggest challenges to working with a VA?
7. What are five things every new VA needs to know?
8. What will five things make it easier for a business owner to work with a VA?
9. What five tools does every VA need to have?
10. What five questions should every business owner ask when evaluating or interviewing a VA?
11. What five questions should every VA ask before taking on a new client?
12. What are the five biggest mistakes business owners make when hiring a VA?

At the end of 15 minutes, you should have a list of at least a dozen article ideas. But don’t stop there! Remember, articles for submission to article directories typically average around 300-500 words, so each one of the five answers in each question above can be turned into an article, digging a little deeper. Another easy way to generate article ideas is to keep a notebook by your computer, and every time someone asks you a question, write it down. At the end of the week or month, look through your list for additional article topics. By keeping your eyes open in your everyday life as you go through your own VA responsibilities and tasks, you’ll soon have an endless supply of fodder for your article marketing.

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