Article Marketing Simplified

Finding Profitable Niche Markets

preferably something that you know a little about. Also ensure that it is a niche that you can identify as one where people have a need or a problem.

1. Find a hungry niche.
2. Research what they’re hungry for – find out what makes them tick.
3. Find an affiliate product that is a perfect match (or you could create one yourself but it’s more work and therefore more risk)

Some places you can look at include places like eBay Pulse, Yahoo Answers, forums, chat rooms and by using some of the keyword tools listed below. You can even look in offline places including newspaper headlines, weekly gossip magazine headlines and so on. Don't simply assume that the only place you will find ideas is on the web – that’s where almost everyone else is looking. The offline world better reflects what people are really concerned, worried or interested about.

Once you think you may have found a niche market, see if there is a product you can find to solve that niche’s problem.

It could be a product of your own, one you create or a product belonging to someone else. Some good places to find products include, Commission Junction at or which are essentially massive affiliate product directories. Or you can simply perform a simple web search to see if you can find something good with an affiliate program.

There are literally hundreds of website owners willing to pay you a percentage of the sale price of the
products and services you endorse. When you become an affiliate with these sites, you are basically advertising for them and can make as much as 75% commission from each sale you are responsible for.

Once you find something good, check to see if the Internet has people who are already servicing this market and then research the product like crazy until you become an expert on it.

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