Making money online with CPA marketing

Finding CPA Networks

As we stated earlier, we can't list all of the available CPA networks in this ebook. There are far too many! However, you can go to places like and get recommendations on different CPA networks if you want to join more of them. It is recommended that you do try to join quite a few so that you have an idea which will work best for your niche.

Some of the features you want to compare are:

  • Payout Minimum – The lower the payout minimum, the faster you can reach it and get paid.
  • Payout Schedule – Are they on a weekly, Net 15 or monthly schedule? How long is too long to wait for your paycheck?
  • Referral Bonuses – Do you get paid for referring other people? How much is it and does it count to your minimum payout?
  • Referral Programs – Is the program multi-tiered, paid in cash or credit, and how long do you make a commission on sub-affiliate payouts?
  • Categories – Are your categories or niches represented in the CPA network or do you need to go elsewhere?
  • User-friendliness – Is it too hard to locate offers? Can you locate someone to help you? Do you have a contact number for your affiliate manager? Once you have a list of other CPA networks you want to investigate, be sure to compare them one to another and focus your attention on those that benefit you the most.

Final Thoughts

The reward for this type of attention to detail is that you will begin to realize making money is not as hard as you once thought it was. It's just a matter of putting your attention on the things that yield positive results and minimizing things that reduce those results. Increase your income and decrease your expenses and you will end up rich. It's really that simple, and when you have the right system in place it can work automatically on your behalf to reach the objective of a financially secure life for you and your family.  This is what makes all the hard work you put into learning and creating your own unique system well worth every moment you spent. You will soon find that increasing wealth is just a matter of moving those goals continuously upward until you create the lifestyle that you want through hard work and perseverance. To everyone else, though, it will look like you've magically created money out of thin air. In the end, that's exactly what it will feel like too.


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