Finding a Wholesaler

If you want to have a profitable online business selling products on eBay you’ll need to have a constant source of
items to sell. Rather than finding items to sell at garage sales and flea markets, you’ll want to establish relationships with wholesalers who are selling items that you’re interested in selling. There are several ways that you can find the right wholesaler for you:

• Wholesale lots: You can find wholesale lots on the eBay website so that almost all the searching for products is done for you. There are many categories that are listed featuring almost any type of product imaginable. This includes electronics, books, collectibles, music, clothing, and household items.

Take some time to do your own buyer search on eBay to find out what items that are listed are popular. Then you can focus on a similar product so that you can sell at competitive prices. When you find a wholesale product that you want to sell you can sell it for a considerable profit on eBay. The important thing to do is thoroughly research the market on eBay before you decide on what products to sell.

• Storage unit auctions: Another great way to find products to sell on eBay is by finding out when storage
unit businesses are having an auction. Most storage unit businesses will auction several times each year to get rid of unwanted items that have been unclaimed for a certain period of time. This is a great way for you pick up some cheap items that you can resell for a great profit. The items that you know won’t sell on eBay can be given away to charity or you can hold your own garage sale to make a penny or two.

• Search the Internet: The Internet is a great way to find wholesalers that have some great products for you to sell online on eBay. Type a keyword such as a wholesaler, liquidator, or wholesale trading into any search engine and you’ll be rewarded with a huge listing of wholesalers from around the world.

• Wholesale directories: You can find wholesalers by looking in a wholesale directory. You can find a directory on the Internet. You’ll be able to find lists of distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers in well-formatted categories that make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

• Exporters and importers: If you’re looking at the big picture, and plan on selling a wide variety of items on eBay, you may want to contact those companies that specialize in imports from overseas.

• Local wholesalers: Look for wholesalers where you live since there are usually many sources available locally. You want to find one or more wholesalers from who you can purchase the items that you know you can sell on eBay. A local wholesaler will save you money on shipping costs and you’ll be able to supplement your inventory at any time without the wait of shipping.

When you’re looking for a wholesaler it’s important to find one or more that specialize in the products that you’re interested in. If you’ve done your research on eBay you should already know which items are current hot sales and which ones aren’t. Another thing to remember when you’re looking for a wholesaler is that the fewer people are already buying from the wholesaler the more unique your product will be when you sell it on eBay. Take some time to find products that are one of a kind, such as a craft item that is rare to find.

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