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Finding a Product & Leaks

Finding a Product:

The first step in this method is to find a product that has been leaked online. The easiest products (in my opinion) to find are eBooks, however, if you already have a software or other product in mind, feel free to try it out. Below is a list of places you can search for products.

https://kokoshungsan.uk or clickbank

I highly recommend kokoshungsan.uk and ClickBank. Both are great for starting out and offer a very wide variety of products to choose from.

Important note: The sites I have listed are only a few of literally hundreds of similar sites on the internet. These are only a few examples, feel free to experiment with other sites. If you didn’t know already, kokoshungsan.uk is a website that hosts thousands of popular eBooks.

It’s important you pick out a product that:

1. Has a large amount of interest in the topic

2. Has a good name. Both of these are necessary if we want to be paid a good amount for our services, the more popular the product, the larger the profit for us.

if you clicked on the kokoshungsan.uk, you will have a much wider range of options to choose from. You’ll notice there are many different categories of products. You can experiment with whatever categories you want.

Finding Leaks:

Now that we have our product, we now have to find leaks of this product. This is incredibly easy, 99.99% of any product you will find will most likely be leaked somewhere on the internet. One of the easiest ways to find leaks is to head over to Google or any other search engine and type any of the following search terms:

This will find you leaks of your selected product. There are also several forums dedicated to leaking. You can search for your product in these forums and see if it comes up.

“<product> .zip” “<product> .rar” “<product> .pdf” “<product> download” “<product> filestube>” “<product> leak>”

Free info products with MRR. Resell it & Earn Money!

I would not recommend using torrent downloads for leaks. Many torrent sites are very stubborn when it comes to removing leaks, and in my opinion, it is not worth the trouble.

Find as many leaks of your selected product as possible. Save all these leaks for later. It’s good to have 6-10 links for each product.

Let’s use the example iPhone Video Hero to find some leaks!

Realize that this is only an example. I can almost guarantee that many people reading this are simply going to try this iPhone Video Hero, only to find the original creator has been spammed with similar requests by other readers of this eBook. Be original, be unique, and you’ll be on your way to making money.

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