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A lot of people think stats are boring and useless. Well, let me tell you, without these stats, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am sending my emails. Probably the most important stats have to do with when you actually send your emails.
As marketers, we tend to forget how the outside world behaves. Well, I’ve done some extensive research in this area. Some of it I got from trial and error and some of it I got from actually talking to a lot of people online over the course of 5 years who I have sent emails to.

You essentially have two main targets.

The first is your husband or wife who works. These people have very common patterns, especially in this technological world that we live in.

Naturally, this is a generalization, but for the most part, these people’s days are like this.
7 AM – Wake up
7:30 AM – Leave for work
8:30 AM – Arrive at work
8:30 – 9 AM – Check email
9 – 5 – Work
5 – 6 – Travel home
6 to 7 – Dinner
7 to whatever – check email, work on home business (for those who have home businesses)

So what’s your best time to reach these people?
Either 8:30 to 9 or at 7 to about 8 at night.
Okay, why does this matter?

Well, for one thing, in all our email examples, you can control when your emails go out. So if you’re emailing your list, safelist, FFA posters or whoever, you want to send your emails between those hours.
But, as you know, time zones are different all over the world. Your 8:30 in the morning might be my 1 PM. So the question is which time zone is the best? Is there a time zone that’s the best?

Well, here’s where I had to do some more research. And this didn’t come totally from my own experience, though most of it did.

I checked my sales going back 5 years. Do you know where the majority of my sales come from?
New York.
And, if you want to know where my most sales come from as far as time zones, that would be the East coast of the United States.
So, if you’re going to do any emailing at all, the best times to send are when the people on the East coast of the United States are arriving at work.

But why? Why does it matter when you send the email? Can’t you just send it at 6 AM? They’ll still see it when they get to work, right?

The emails that are sent early in the morning or late at night are buried on page 2 or 3 or even further back in their email program. And most people just don’t have the patience to look through all that junk. But the emails that just arrived will be the ones that people WILL notice and WILL open.

This is not theory. This is fact. I send out a group of emails at this time and then check my hit counter. It literally goes nuts. I start getting clicks on my emails like crazy. And it doesn’t matter if it’s my list, my safelists or my FFA sites. The clicks come pouring in and so do the sales. Usually, most of my sales come in before 9 AM each day.
If I do more than one mailing in a day, I’ll do my second mailing around 7 PM. Now, between the two times, either 8:30 or 7 PM, the time that performs better for me is 8:30. My theory is that some people, after a hard day of work, just don’t feel like getting on the computer.

Now, I said there were two main targets, the first being the husband or wife who goes to work. The second target is the housewife or Mr. Mom who stays home.

These people have similar patterns but I find that this group is also very active online around 1 PM. Why? Probably because they’re having lunch and taking a break from housework, so they hit the computer and check their emails. So this is another good time for emailing but not quite as good as the other two times I mentioned.

What about days though? Are there some days that are better than others?
Well, once again, I have been tracking statistics of open rates, sales, opt-ins and just about everything else for over 5 years now and the results have been steady for the entire time. What follows is a list, in order, of the best to worst days of the week to send emails to your list, safelists, FFA posters, or whoever.
Wednesday – 22.8%
Thursday – 19.7%
Tuesday – 19.6%
Monday – 15.1%
Friday – 13.7%
Saturday – 5.0%
Sunday – 4.0%

There you have it. Your best marketing day is Wednesday. Sunday is almost a waste of time to do anything. Now, your results may vary slightly, depending on the niche you’re in, but I don’t think they’ll be off by much.


With all the spam filtering going around, it’s important to know what ISPs are going to be the best and worst at delivering your email. Here’s where I needed a little help in compiling this info, so I got a hold of a third party service to test email deliverability for me and this is what I came up with, not that any of it surprised me.
AOL is the absolute worst at a 12% open rate.
Yahoo is right behind them at a 21.2% open rate.
Hotmail is next worst at 30%.

So if your list, safelist, FFA site or whatever is made up of mostly these addresses, forget it…you’re wasting your time.
That’s why I love the FFA sites and safelists that I use. They do NOT allow these addresses to be used. As a matter of fact, there are some safelists that have such a long list of banned addresses that you wonder what addresses they DO allow.

Conversion Rates

Okay, this varies widely. Conversion rates for email marketing greatly depend on who you’re sending the email to, meaning your list, safelist or FFA posters. Also, the niche you’re on will greatly influence the conversion rates.
Here are 5 years of conversion rates for everything that I have personally tracked.

Opt-In List – 10.73%
FFA Sites – 2.19%
Safelists – 1.46%
IM Niche – 2.47%
Health Niche – 1.36%
Dating Niche – 1.27%
Music Niche – 1.08%
Digital Photography Niche – 1.02%

You will notice that my top performing niche is IM. So much for IM being tough to crack. Now granted, in the IM niche I do create my own products wherein the other niches I promote affiliate products. So this might have something to do with it.

In the next chapter, I’m going to cover a very important part of email marketing…actually getting your emails delivered. With the aggressive spam filters of today, delivery is tougher than ever. Well, I’ve experimented with just about every trick in the book and I’m going to reveal some things to you that may or may not surprise you. My gut tells me that some of them will.

So let’s continue.

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