Learn How To Get Out Of Debt

Don’t Study Poverty

If what you want is wealth and prosperity and to fulfill your dreams, then focusing on poverty or scarcity will not move you in the right direction. Remember - what you focus on expands!

If you study poverty you get more poverty; if you focus on wealth and abundance you get more wealth and abundance. This does not mean that focusing on one or the other will automatically bring about those scenarios.

What does happen is that when people focus on poverty or scarcity they put into place action that supports the belief system of poverty.

An example - the media tells us that "there are no jobs" so people believe that and quit looking for jobs. People with an abundant mentally believe that there are plenty of jobs for everyone and they may have to explore different avenues to create a job.

People's favorite reason for not pursuing their dreams is "the economy." If the economy is on the rise, people get Inflation Elation Fixation. If the economy is slowing down, they get Recession Depression Obsession. If the economy is stable, people will shake their heads slowly and mutter something about the "stagnant economy." Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Economically we are facing challenging times. Yet people who have chosen to see the abundance or opportunities, are making "lemonade out of lemons" and are thriving. These people are not focusing on the news, the drama, or the trauma because they know these times and challenges will pass.

If you have dreams that you put on a shelf "until things get better" it is time to take your dreams off the shelf and take control of moving your life forward.

Begin to focus on what you want, what you need to do to have what you want. Surround yourself with positive and abundant people, read inspirational books, quit listening to the negative news, honor and embrace your dreams today.

Action is always the key to success and prosperity. In our world there is not a lack of anything - money, jobs, happiness, success, love, joy, etc. Lack only exists in our minds not in the world. Ask yourself what have you been unwilling to do to live the life you desire? Once you identify what you have been unwilling to do, get started doing those things. Quit waiting for life to be "better" - go out and make it better.

There is a quote that says - "if you think you have all the time in the world, then that is how long it will take you to be successful." Choose to be successful and prosperous today.

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