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Don’t Make These Common Facebook Mistakes

You’re almost ready to experience the best kind of Facebook success possible. First, though, we need to discuss some of the most commonly made Facebook mistakes. Knowing about them will help you avoid them so you don’t have to worry about damaging the results of all the effort you put into your Facebook page.

Trying too Hard to Sell

One of the most commonly made Facebook mistakes amongst businesses and business owners is trying too hard to sell products and services. If you’re posting only sales links or discounts or trying to get individuals to look at the newest products you’re offering, you’re not going to have success. People deal with a barrage of advertisements each and every day; the last thing they want is the Facebook pages they like to assault them with attempts to sell. Keep the sales posts infrequent and you’ll experience success.

Not Posting Often Enough

Another thing people commonly do is put up a Facebook page and then only posting every few weeks or not very often at all. This doesn’t do the job of keeping individuals interested and keeping your business name in the public eye. In fact, it’s a bit pointless to create a Facebook page at all if you’re not going to post often.

Offering Controversial Opinions

You know the saying, if you want someone to like you, don’t discuss religion or politics. This is absolutely true. One of the most common mistakes businesses make is offering up controversial views on their Facebook pages. This has the potential to alienate a huge group of their fans who don’t have the same opinions. Those opinions should be saved for your personal Facebook page rather than placed on your business page. It could be more damaging than you know!

Talking about Competitors

It’s also never a good idea to talk about competitors on your Facebook page. This includes mentioning products they have that are inferior to yours, or anything else. It will make you appear childish and unprofessional, which has the potential to turn off a lot of customers. In fact, it could make those customers move over to the competition. Never talk about your competitors or compare your products with others out there; let the benefits of your products stand and they’ll do fine.

Racy Jokes or Pictures

Remember, this is a professional Facebook page, not a personal page where you might make jokes or post funny pictures. Never post anything that your fans might feel is risqué or offensive. This could end up losing your fans if they become offended and choose another company to get their products or services from.

Overall, you’re ready to move into the Facebook world and experience huge success if you follow the details in the package and avoid these common mistakes.

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