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Go check out the Clickbank Marketplace ( and Kokoshungsan Marketplace ( browse through the categories, look at the offers, and take notes of stuff that hooks you and draws your attention. Search the site for links that meet the categories that you’ve already made notes on. This is a great resource – not only is it a chance to make commissioned sales, it’s also a great way to add original material to your blog.

These advertisers are your partners in crime. They’ll give you email copy for your subscribers. They’ll give you cool ad banners and graphics. They’ll write your articles! At least the good ones will.

Don’t mindlessly chase after the gravity rating. It’s that schoolyard mindset that keeps people broke and never making sales. Did you know that 90% of people who open Clickbank accounts NEVER GET A CHECK?

Do this instead and you’ll stay out of that sorry majority. As you look around Clickbank, takes notes on the stats under each offer.

First, think about profit potential. Look at the commission percentage and the price. How much are you going to get paid for selling this thing? Are there upsells? Is there a membership? (Can you say recurring income?) And look at the sales page.

You need to SCREEN digital products (and a potential niche) like you’re screening

employees. You’re building someone’s mailing list, you’re getting people to buy their stuff without them having to lift a finger, so it better deliver.

How many good products are there? Do they look like professionals put time and effort into making them, or were they broke people who made an ugly page? Just because it’s listed in Clickbank doesn’t mean it’s not a wasteland.

Is there a range of products in this niche? If you’re going to just promote digital products with say, a review site… you want products at a range of price points. That way if you choose to build a mailing list, you can hit them with something cheap to reel them in and then offer more expensive stuff as you establish trust. Also, you don’t always know the income range of people visiting your site, so you want something for everyone.

I try to look for stuff between 7 and 50 gravity if I’m promoting a Clickbank product – that means it’s got a little traffic coming in, and it’s not oversaturated with high dollar guys who are spending thousands of dollars on campaigns and drowning me out. Take notes on this stuff because when you’re ready, you can plug these products into my keyword research system and get a lot of strong, targeted keywords from people who can be helped by the kind of products we’re promoting.

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