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Data Entry and Data Conversion

Financial institutions like banks, Insurance companies, Land & Revenue Offices, Courts and Judiciaries, publishers and other various companies have undergone computerization in the recent past. All of them have a wide collection of old records, which are still on papers and fill the record rooms. The problem is that the volume in such books and records are so huge that it is very difficult to convert them into computerized forms or records. Compatibility is a must and for that, they ought to convert all old documents into the computerized data. So, as a first step, they scan the data and then outsource the scanned pages to the people for either online data entry to their databases or convert it to MS word or any such compatible format so that they can upload the entire document onto Net.

This is where the home business is very useful. You get money either on a per page basis or per record basis. As the documents, which are converted to the .doc or such other formats the objective is to convert the entire document to web pages they give some instructions like Header must be Arial Bold 16 or paragraph should begin with an Indent of 5. The reason is when finally they will be converted to web pages, they will use an engine, which has been programmed like those instructions. So, no manual interference is required at the time of running the engine. If one makes mistakes, then the engine will generate unprecedented results.

In case of Data Entry, they either send you the software including the database, where data is to be entered or they send you the username and password for online access to their database. However, in both such cases, a question of upfront payment has emerged in the market. We caution you against paying such huge upfronts to any unknown or unauthenticated person(s). The advantage of this job is that you don’t need much technical knowledge to accomplish a job successfully and to earn on a regular basis, as the volume of such a job generally becomes significant.


We have said that it is the irony of fate when any business/ opportunity reaches the zenith of its popularity a lot of companies/ individuals mushroom around, who are being lured by its glitter but appear only to make some quick money by cheating people. Internet era is in no way an exception. As home business has also reached its peak and moreover people have started taking home business/

Internet marketing as their key earning tool, the numbers of frauds have been drastically increased. The problem of globalization is that one is hardly aware of the physical existence of the other parties as both communicate mainly through email. There is hardly any way to verify the physical existence of the office/ residence of the other party when you have become truly global.

So, we want to reiterate, whenever somebody intends to treat Internet Marketing as his additional or primary income, he needs to take enough precautions. We have listed some of the generic steps for online business, which needs to be strictly followed to avoid stepping into fraudulent traps.

About the company: You must try to acquire as much information as possible about the company and the site launched by them. There are some companies, who are new to the market but you will find many companies who are a group or subsidiary of some renowned group of companies. These companies are launched as a stepping-stone towards diversification of their business. In such a case, they clearly state the name of the parent company on their Home page or About Us section. Try to arrive at the physical location of the company. Calling them on the provided Toll-free numbers etc may test their physical location. The physical address may be verified by sending postal documents to the address mentioned on their Contact Us page. Every virtual company has to have some real existence. The most authentic way is to find out about their bank accounts because every virtual company must surely have a physical bank account.

Payouts: Try to ensure the site transactions through secured payment methods like Credit Cards, Paypal, eGold, Wire Transfer etc. This will also give you some kind of authenticity because all these verify the existence of the postal address and the company/ individual in their own way. Try to choose sites, which offer multiple currency payouts. Try to look at the payout rates. Most of the sites will advertise their payout frequencies and some of them will even display the list of names, who have become successful through their sites, in their Profile section.

Small Risk: We suggest you start with a smaller amount, in case of down payment or security deposit, as the risk is quite high.

Software: Try to find out the kind of software they are using. You need to check the security mechanism of the site. A small check can be done at your end only. Try to go to View Source in your IE and find out whether the username/ password is visible at your end. An authentic site uses the encrypted software. If the site uses 128- bit encrypted software, you may be assured. You may find the logo of Verisign, the internationally recognized symbol of security to be embedded in their sites. You can do a cross check by visiting the Verisign.

Know the Terms & Conditions: You must take enough time to clearly understand the terms and conditions stipulated at the site. Don’t hesitate to give it time. If any doubts arise, clarify over mail or telephone. Please note that email is a valid communication in the eyes of the cyber law. Whenever you are taking a new project, it is your obligation to go through the rules for that project very seriously.

Awareness: Try to always keep yourself updated with the news and events of various online Internet Marketing websites. We must say again, the best method is continuous research on the Internet. There are sites that constantly update one regarding the scams and frauds. Many people also post messages to different forums, when they come across cheating. So keep your eyes open.

Commission Calculation: This is something on which you need to do a lot of groundwork. There are many companies who commit commission on chain basis. Like if you sell something, then the commission goes to all the people above you on the ladder. The same thing holds good for any sale by the people in the lower rung of the ladder. What you need to calculate the total commission paid considering different payouts at different stages. If you find the sum exceeds the original cost of the item or turns to zero value for the parent company, you need to be highly skeptical about them. We have not come across any company, who pays commission above a certain limit.

Infrastructure: As you need to work online, then an Internet connection is very important. Some of the jobs even demand high-speed Internet connectivity. You must ensure a running machine, a good anti-virus and uninterrupted Internet connection at your end.


Home business and Internet marketing complement each other in this era. Why should one shy away? One needs to be desperate enough for arriving at factual data. Innate research strength has added fuel to fire. As we have been cautioning you throughout against the frauds, so your challenge is to plug the loopholes and to be on the right track for earning the additional income, which will be an immense help to enhance your present lifestyle. Don’t be frustrated. We agree you have got genuine reasons for becoming frustrated by looking at several tempting advertisements at the home-based business sites.

Why don’t you take a chance of building a website which will cater to information on Internet Marketing? Perhaps we can guarantee visitors keeping in mind the popularity of home-based business in today’s competitive world. However, we wind up with the famous adage that every cloud has a silver lining!

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