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Cross Promoting on Facebook Part 2

In the last section, we discussed the many ways in which you can cross promote on Facebook so that individuals know about your Facebook page and are more likely to share information about your business on their Facebook page. Here, we’ll discuss a little more about cross promoting and how beneficial it is.

Place Your Website URL on Facebook

One of the most important things you can do is place the URL to your website on your Facebook account. You can do this on the information page, and you can also add applications and other links that go back to your Facebook account. This will allow individuals to visit your page quickly and see your products and services, especially those who have stumbled across your Facebook page and who want to see exactly what you’re offering.

Email Signatures

Place your Facebook page link in your email signature so that individuals you email can instantly visit and “like” your Facebook page. This is perfect if you happen to be emailing potential new customers and they want to learn a little bit more about you quickly. They can click the link and learn more by checking out your Facebook page.

Forum Signatures

Forum signatures are similar to email signatures in that individuals can quickly and easily click on the link and see your Facebook account and “like” it if they want to. It’s another quick and effective way to cross promote.

Links on Facebook

Finally, once in a while, you can post links to your website, your blog, and your other social networking sites on your Facebook page. When you share a blog post on your Facebook account, the URL is available for individuals to click on. You can even add buttons for your favorite social networking sites on your Facebook page if you find the right application or if you’ve had your Facebook page custom-designed.

It’s easier than ever to cross-promote your accounts, websites, blogs and more. It just takes a little dedication. Individuals like being able to easily find your information so that if they’re on your website, they can visit your Facebook page and if they’re on your Facebook page, they can find your blog posts or your website. Keeping these things updated and in an area where they’re easily found by customers is the best thing you can do for your Facebook page.

Remember not to make your reminders or your post annoying but to offer up the information once in a while for those who might have missed it. In fact, that’s a great beginner. “In case you missed it, we’re on Facebook as well, so come to visit us at…” This is the perfect Twitter or Google + post. In the next section, we’ll discuss how you can outsource your Facebook page so it doesn’t take up a lot of your time.

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