Making money online with CPA marketing

Cross-Checks And Double-Checks

Now that you understand the process a bit more, let’s review the items you need to make sure are consistent and accurate on your application form.

  • Your Website(s) – You don't necessarily have to own a website with a CPA network to be accepted, but it does help. Make sure you are listed as the owner of the site, as they will verify this is a match.
  • Your Country of Origin – They will check your IP address to make sure it is coming from the country of origin you are claiming you reside within. If you outsource the application process, make sure it is to someone within the same country where you live. Otherwise, it will look very questionable, and have no doubt that they will reject you based on that alone.
  • Your Contact Information – Throwaway email addresses are an automatic reject. Unlike traditional affiliate programs, you can expect to receive a call from an affiliate manager of the CPA network using the phone number you provided. Be available to take the call, as they do not call twice, and they will reject your application if you don't answer. They will also check the area code to make sure it goes to the state of residency you claim on the application form. Make sure it matches.
  • Incomplete Applications – Don't uncheck boxes that they've checked, like a box typically saying “incentives” for your advertising method. It's their hint that's what they want you to use.
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