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Creating Your Ad

Depending on the platform you use, you may have to create an ad, or you might leave this in the hands of the publishers. On the sites where you do create your own ads, the CTR is going to be very much in your hands, as is the targeting for your viewers. Again though, it's worth noting that the specifics of your ad design are going to depend somewhat on your goals and the type of platform you are using. If you are paying only for conversions, then your objective is to get as many people to your site as possible, which means that you will maximize the opportunity to make sales. If you are paying per click through, then that strategy would be expensive and so instead you should be aiming to focus only on highly targeted traffic. Partly you will do this using the filtering options we've already looked at – on Facebook that means targeting your ads based on demographics and on Google, it means choosing the right keyword/using negative keywords.

For the ads themselves though, you want to make sure that your text is catering very specifically to the type of audience you're hoping to reach. So for example, this might mean saying something like 'Fitness E-Book for $30'. Notice how the price of the e-book is right in the text. That way, you are able to ensure that only people who might potentially be interested in buying an ebook for that much money will click. If a viewer is the kind of person who would never normally buy a digital product, they will be put off the ad and you won't waste money on that visitor.
If your objective is to maximize CTR add the number of people seeing your ads, then you need to use bold statements that focus on your USPs. USPs, of course, is 'Unique

Selling Points' and these are the things that you are offering your product. Is your line of t-shirts the best possible quality for the price? Then that's what you want to say. Does your app make it much easier to organize notes? Then focus on that! Another useful tip is to try and allay the fears that your buyers might have. A lot of people still feel nervous when buying online because they think they're going to have to spend ages signing up, then worry whether or not the item will come in the post. Thus, phrases like 'Quick Sign Up and Next Day Delivery' can be very helpful as they tell your audience that they'll be able to have the product they like in their hands tomorrow. 'Full Money Back Guarantee' is another useful one for that reason. Another option is to try and encourage people to click your link by using curiosity.

This is one of the reasons that those '1 Weird Tip to Lose Bodyfat' adverts are so effective – you can't help but be curious as to what that one 'weird tip' might be. You might try to riff on this idea with something like 'You'll Never Believe How Much Money You Can Save With This New Strategy!'. Also in your arsenal is the ability to use images to try and grab attention. This is an option with most CPA networks and is a very important part of any advert. Moving images, colorful images and particularly images with people in them are all very useful for attracting attention. Using attractive people is a particularly good way to do this.

Make sure your image is high definition and pay for a designer if you don't have the skills yourself. This will make a big difference in helping your product or service to look more professional and trustworthy and can help to dispel fears that you might be a scam artist.

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