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S1: Hi and thanks for choosing this video course. Today, I will be teaching you on CPA network application. But first, what is CPA network? CPA networks are effectively the middleman in the process of CPA marketing. On one side, they negotiate deals with advertisers like eHarmony and Netflix who are looking to buy leads. The also help these advertisers set up their CPA offers. On the other side, they manage all the affiliates in their network who are looking to make a commission by getting traffic to the CPA offers and getting leads for the advertisers. The CPA networks are thus facilitators.

CPA networks also take care of the tracking and cash flow between the advertisers and the affiliate. They track which affiliates are earning commission and they get money from the advertisers for these leads and then pay-out the money to the affiliates. The CPA networks make a small cut of each transaction and that’s how they make their money. For example, if Netflix is willing to pay $20 per lead, the CPA network may pay the affiliate $19 per lead and keep $1. However, the reason to have an application process is because of there are many CPA marketers who scam and deceive people into filling their CPA offers.

S2: After knowing the CPA network, you should now find a good CPA offer into your website. In doing this, you should find an offer that fits the needs and wants of your website’s traffic. For example, if you have a website about gaming, then the CPA offers you have to incorporate into your website should also be related to gaming. In order to easily accomplish this, you could use some search engine websites solely designed for finding CPA offers. Two of the most eminent sites like this re Offer Vault and o Digger. You only have to enter the keyword and then the results related to your keyword will be displayed. So for instance, if you searched “games” on those sites, CPA offers related to games will be displayed.

After the search, everything does not end there. The search usually have additional details that you can use to know more about the CPA network and the details that you need to help you apply for a CPA network. Such basic information includes the type of traffic allowed for you to use that CPA offer, the actions that the visitors of your site need to do in order for you to earn the commission.

S3: Next, in order to join a CPA network, you will need to fil out an online application. This is usually straightforward and does not vary much form one company to another. You will be asked to provide your name or company name, you mailing address, email address, phone number and generally some form of tax ID such as a Social Security number or an

Employer Identification Number (EIN). You will also be asked to provide the URL of one or more of you Website. Sometimes, there are a couple of additional questions regarding the kinds of business you have and what method you plan to use to drive traffic to the company’s offers.

S4: After you submit your application, there is also a phone call involved. However, if you are in urge, there is actually no harm to reach out to the network by yourself first. Even though many networks will reach out to you, but it is good practice to try reaching out to the network first. Some networks approve or disapprove applications without ever doing a phone screen. You can sometimes find a contact phone number at the network’s website you are applying to. When you call or reach out to the network, you should ask to speak with somebody regarding a recent application you have submitted. You should call within 24 hours of submitting the application. When you speak to the appropriate person just explain that you submitted your application and wanted to make sure they received it because you are looking to promote their offers. And then, let them know that they are able to reach out to you if they have any question about the application. In many cases, they will review your application right on the spot and either accept or deny you or ask a few questions about how
you plan to promote their offers.

S5: As I have mentioned earlier, you can reach out to them first or to wait the network reach out to you through phone screening. The phone screening is when the network will call you and ask you a few short question to make sure you are not doing anything sketchy. Some networks just pick and choose who they decide to call and automatically accept or deny. This is a measure they do to prevent fraudsters. The phone question should not take more than 2 or 3 minutes to complete. The question that you will be asked by the CPA network are usually the same and the answer you give can be fairly standard and generic. Below are some sample questions you are likely to be asked.

- How did you hear about us?
- How do you plan to promote our offers?
- How long have you been involved in Internet marketing?
- What category or niche you usually work in?
- Do you offer incentives?
- How much do you spend on advertising?
- Do you work with any other CPA networks?

These are the questions you will likely to be asked. They are not difficult, just print out the question and answers above and have them on hand for when the phone call comes. You will discover that most of the time, you will be accepted on the spot and within minutes you can be searching for offers to promote.

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